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PM nonstop news feed. 95.5 WSB. That's unconfirmed perseverance. Basically on the surface of Mars, NASA's most sophisticated ever rover perseverance has landed safely this afternoon on the Red Planet. It launch from Cape Canaveral the end of July. And his travel since then, nearly 300 million miles made today The Trickiest Rover lander that has been attempted to data will gather samples now to look for evidence that there was ever or is life on Mars. Going to county Man, the latest Georgian arrested in the deadly insurrection of the U. S Capitol last month. We've seen the name of this defendant verden Andrew Nalley before the 49 year old Buford Man was mentioned in the social media boasts of America's lawyer, McCall Calhoun on January 6th. He's the one who notoriously bragged that he and his quote buddy Andy, or among the 1st 200 rushing inside the Capitol to clash hard with police, he said, and forced them to retreat. Double USPS Veronica Waters. Reports Andy Natalie's bond hearing is set for tomorrow afternoon. Capitol. Police commanders have told congressional leaders that razor wire topped fencing around the capital should stay in place till probably September as law enforcers continue to track threats against lawmakers. Rumor for weeks. The MBA All Star Game in Atlanta is now confirmed. Here's a report new. It's six o'clock. It will be a made for TV event Sunday night, March, 7th, not an All Star weekend with fan and community events on account of the pandemic. Attendance of state farm arena will be limited to 1500, Healthcare workers, Local students and staff of HBC use players, friends and family. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has not rolled out the welcome mat asking fans not to travel to Atlanta. The Hawks say the team and city will be an aggressive bidder. For a future game. Chris Camp 95.5 WSB Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, has acknowledged that he traveled to Mexico for a family vacation this week as his home state has been paralyzed by a deadly winter storm. But In a written statement today, Cruz says he was coming home to Texas, and he accompanied his family to Mexico yesterday after his daughter's asked to go on a trip with friends, he says, quote wanting to be a good dad. I flew down with him last night, he said. He was in constant communication. With leaders back home. The statement in little, however, to quell a fierce media and particularly social media backlash that comes as crews eyes a second presidential run in 2024. WSB money update WALMART raising the wages for 425,000 of its workers and is investing $14 billion to speed up its distribution network. This as the nation's largest retailer looks to keep pace with all the changes and retail which were underway already but accelerated by the pandemic. WalMart posted in fact, 1/4 quarter loss. The closing bell brought to you by Financial Symphony on the WSB Market Watch. Today, the Dow closed down 120 points of 4 31,093 NASDAQ closed down an even 100 points. 8 13,065 the closing number there. WSB news time is coming up to six Oh, six and the six.

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