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Any resource is that we have available. Obviously, we have to take care of our own citizens first and foremost. I do think we have. The resource is in order to do a little vaccine diplomacy here. That would not only be the right thing to do, but it will also help us deal politically in terms of building a bridge and deepening our ties with India. I have to believe you know you're the legal expert, not me. That we can do that in a way that still protect Our drug companies, investment in innovation and various vaccines technology. Really what is critical about why the United States tends to lead the world in pharmaceutical innovation? Um, you know, I haven't yet discovered what? How to thread that deal. Exactly. That's why I know how you give them a giant subsidy for doing it. You compensate them for pension suspension, and it becomes so expensive that we do it very rarely, but those companies shareholders who are being punished. Are compensated for the fact that their interest must be sublimated to those of the United States. National interest into the Indian people. By the way, it also do it in Colombia because we have a crisis in Colombia. I only have a minute for you. Are you tracking our strongest ally in South America is under siege from the left, and we got to help them. Absolutely. And I tend to think that we neglect our own hemisphere. Just because we've actually been historically blast in terms of, you know, having neighbors that are relatively friendly, you know, it didn't tell something washes up at the southern border. Itself. We tend to neglect what's going on further South and South America and we do so at your own peril because obviously, the Russians and the Chinese are heavily engaged in South America. They're expanding their influence. Medications. Iran is expanding its influence as well in that area, So we have enemies in that in that area. We have allies as well. And we need to stand up to our enemies and support our allies. 100% agree Congressman Mike Gallagher of the Great State of Wisconsin. Good to talk to you. Just remember when you needed the center. You got Josh Meyers from Ohio State. If.

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