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Stargate and they've released that now and you're you're not in your head you're familiar enough with that a little bit You talked about that in my new. My new alien book because i because there's a mental component to all. This right is what. I would argue but yeah go ahead. Sorry exactly that bonnie the guy. He's down. Did you ever run across. A ufo. Researcher grant cameron yes Boy it escapes me where that came from it. Yeah for sure. I know that name well. People will have to hear this for the five thousand time on skeptical but what grant is kind of one of the things he's well known for is the uncovering the he didn't actually the one to do it. But kinda popularizing this release of this accidentally declassified document the out to be really key. It's the wilbert smith memo in canada where he goes down to the united states and he goes he brings all his ufo stuff secretly down to the united states. It says here. I'll tell you what i know. You tell me your no. He comes back. He writes a memo to his boss. Says wow this stuff is top top priority. Hire more high secret than hydrogen bomb here all the names. The people i met with a fan of our bush I forget all the other names but the people who are well placed in the right position to kind of know about this stuff but then which you just looted to in the last sentence of this memo and they believe that there is a mental component to this that is key to the whole thing so this grant Suggestion i agree with them. Is part of the agenda for the n. k. Ultra the reboot of the nazi program. Which you just is get feeling freak out ribbon with well. That's just what it is. They didn't need my mk at how is And the head of that of course. Is this jewish psychologist. Interestingly enough that the. Us is Mandalay sidney gottlieb right so he is the head of that and he actually runs the stargate program. A lot of people don't know that but the you know the stargate guys doing the remote viewing how put off russell targ. They often talk about when sydney comes to town and they have to placate in and all the rest. But the point of that whole thing. Back to the stephen brownie back to the skeptical world is i'm gone Yeah but stephen. I mean they knew was stargate that it's not consciousness. Illusion biological robots and meaningless universe. Bay fucking assume that from the beginning you talk about. This extended round spirituality will. They assumed that they had books. Raymond moody's book a near death experience. They were talking to people who claim to be witches claim to be magicians..

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