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That's bad. That up next week day. Okay to canal, I think ties into those questions but shoot it over to to Anson again, his opinion. The last couple of callers were saying something in it, to be honest, it's been, it's been in my head of the reason months where we're still used to calling it a sport these days. We've gotten evolve that level. But then now there's this other conversation that comes up and goes, okay, this really sport is fighting, and I think that comes when you know you got these callers, for example, we're, we're, we're judging fighters words like, I don't look at a guy like their Lewis's athlete. I look at him like a fighter, and that's why I'm a fan of him because he's a fighter and some guys, you know, we had that conversation this guy more of an athlete or a fighter, but I feel that conversation too. I wanna get European, I guess, instead of putting that on the fighters, how about the sport itself is really a sport or at the end of the day, even even in our Volver that we're today than it is still considered a sport. Well, that's I think a lot of different fighters will cover different opinion on it. Right? That's the problem we're having you. And sometimes when you have another fees of it as martial art sport entertainment now, it's like, is another aspect involved in it in the problem. I think daynuss having his guys, they could be Habib that is fighting mush artist, and that's when the insults and everything is personal and say, you know, he kind of wrote it out where he said, he's not shaken hands after the fight because it's not about selling the fight. The fight means very little to him considered to other things that he was insulted on. So I think that's a big problem is hard is hard to distinguish even for me. I mean, the money makes it entertainment to make the money you gotta entertain, but then the sport is when you want the people who have all the different qualities of the, you know, growl. On the standing, the wrestling, and then you've got the fighters who like their Lewis at just win and knock people out that really don't care about technique, but just wanna win the fights. So it's a hard thing. I mean, I I, I wanted to be pulled more towards martial arts site more respect and more honor, but martial arts wouldn't be may wouldn't be as big as it is today if it wasn't for other. But then I think is gone to too much in the entertainment side. No, because all that, you know you in WWE you're, you're making show. You're arresting you're building in up by talking all the ship, but you're fighting another fake fight where you just planning everything to make to add up to the chip talk. But then in may we're fighting for real. This keep the press conferences for real too. If you really hate Russians, then then sit but don't sit to sell the fight because then there's gonna be. That's going to take it personally could did. So I, I mean, I don't condone what he did, but I probably would've reacted the same way. In fact, I wrote on my social media, I think could be pretty good as far sucking up because for me, I would have probably reacted a lot sooner than the fight probably wouldn't never happen and heard someone say on social media too. I think our Harani said something like, how can you be so stupid to link the bus of tax to what could be dip Huck and he is not doing it because Coby was personally attacked on the bus. Connor stated that he went to get copied, could Eve's life was in danger. How can you not personal? How can that not link to what could be did after the fight? I mean, so regardless of whether or not someone is right or wrong, I think what I'm getting kind of signing off what you're seeing is not a lot of people understand whether they agree with it or not, and regardless, but they don't understand that that code. How certain people take that coat to. They might take a beat, takes much more different than average. Joe American guy not picking on average American. I'm just to your opinion. Notice could be calm comments. He never said something that he didn't mean just piss off Karner. Yeah, he didn't. He didn't insult the Arslan people..

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