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Mm hmm. There was a point today where I was driving in. I trying to think of what kind of music that I want to listen to. As I was driving in just one or two songs, and I thought about that conversation. We had the other day where we're watching TV show and they made reference to make Jagger and My daughter thought he was with the Beatles. And then Jacob thought he was a member of the Beatles. And I just said, You know what? To myself. I said self. Hey, why not pull up some rolling stones, So I just typed in rolling stones and just shuffle and play what you want. Played a couple of rolling stones songs this morning. I have never in my life called up a Rolling stone song outside of some reference to a specific, just want to hear what the Rolling Stones were like and then What is it? 30? Minutes ago, we get an alert that Charlie Watts died. I don't think you get in the world is that weird Butterfly effect where I feel like I driving in on the southbound Hollywood Freeway somehow. Force deaths hand Well, I don't think you should listen to any more music today. Clearly, I think you're done in that department. I'm afraid to look up something on YouTube. I was afraid to look up the Spiderman trailer because I thought that you're going to kill Peter Parker, Peter Parker. For my money. I don't think it gets better than beast of burden. When it comes to the Rolling Stones. Excellent, Excellent track. I and, and today was the very first time after I saw that Charlie Watts died. Today was the day that I felt regret for not going to see The Rolling Stones at Candlestick Park. When I had the opportunity, I went to go see them at the Rose Bowl three or four years ago. It was great, but they did not play beast of burden. I was very upset. You know, when you go, what's your favorite song? And they didn't play it That's like blind melon, not playing the B song, so don't bring up the beast on. They won't play that anymore. Absolutely not. Charlie Watts died at the age of 80. I guess he had emergency surgery recently, but they haven't said much about What That was about. Um, you heard Layla mentioned in the news that they were going to go on tour again. And the Charlie Watts, his doctor said, Hey, do I need to remind you? You're 80. It's probably not a great idea for you to a rock tour. Guess what this week is. So, uh, it's Princess Week at Disneyland Princess Week, Okay? You know what that means? Uh, Princess songs on this show you sing wonderful princess. Thank you for that. I appreciate that. You're trying to make me feel better. But coming up at 12 20. We will get a princess song. For Princess Week. If you're talking specifically about the splash Mountain Princess and the Frog. I never saw the movie. I don't know the songs. I don't know I was I was hoping maybe for a little Ariel. You do a good aerial. Hmm? Or beauty and the beast. Taylor's all this time next hour. We're gonna Oh, Aladdin Quick update on. Uh, I can show you the world Big fires burning in Northern California singing to Jasmine. The Dixie fires well over 700,000 acres, but the Kauder fire the one that is now encroaching upon perhaps the Tahoe Basin. They're saying that that has become the number one priority fire in the nation that Afghanistan there are several reports. The president is sticking with that August 31st deadline for withdrawing U. S troops from Afghanistan. Um I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they are just paying lip service to the Taliban. And they're saying all right, we'll be out August 31st, and they're announcing that to all of us will be out August 31st, But if there are people that still need to be evacuated There will be people on the ground there post August 31st to get them out of there. They're just not going to have a publicity tour about it. Yeah, a wink wink nod, nod with the Taliban. That way everyone looks like they have the power. The Taliban looks like It's got the fake power to get America out of there by August, 31st. But we know we are more powerful than the Taliban. So we're going to do what we want to do, right? It's clear to me. There will be what's there will be People on the ground. Whose allegiance is to the United States. Now whether we acknowledge the fact that they're there or not, and whether it's CIA contractors working whether it is paid mercenaries, whether it's special operations forces who happened to be there. There will be somebody there past August 31st because there are going to be plenty of people who are not out in time and who for some reason. Can't get there. We Leila also mentioned this that nine o'clock this morning is when the president was supposed to speak about this, So all of this is still technically up in the air. We have ramped up the round the clock care Cliff airlift. I should say of evacuees from Afghanistan, they said to the highest level. As of yet, Um Admiral Rare. Admiral John Kirby is the spokesman for the Pentagon. He made some comments today. We understand the the challenges of time and space here. We're mindful of that. That's why we are trying to continue to keep up this capacity and even improve it if we can. Major general Hank Taylor also spoke at the Pentagon. This tremendous display of teamwork and focus Resulted in a passenger count of 21,600 individuals leaving Afghanistan in just 24 hours. Yeah, he talked about the ability. They've had to pick up the pace of evacuations in Kabul with those numbers, much bigger numbers and we were seeing at the beginning of last week and then You know, they've been taking them out of Kabul. Originally, the most of the flights were going to United Arab Emirates specifically in Qatar and our facilities there. Some of them went on to Germany. Some of them went to Spain and then the airliners that we talked about yesterday. That's where those airliners will come and pick them up from those second locations and either bring them into the United States or other countries that have offered to, um to house some of the refugees. The director of the CIA met secretly with the Taliban's top political leader in Kabul will talk about that when we come back. Gary and Channel will continue on this Tuesday. August 24th Leila Mohammed Good morning. Good morning, Robert Durst has begun his ninth day of testimony in his murder trial. He is charged in the death of a longtime friend and her Benedict Canyon home just before Christmas Eve in 2000, New Jersey, has increased penalties for hazing under a new law named Rape in state students who died in 2017. Actress Mayan Bialik will take over as temporary host of jeopardy. While the show continues its search for a permanent host, executive producer Mike Richards stepped down from the role August 20th just nine days after he was named the new host. We're checking out some trouble on the 10 next, isn't it Great when you can do stuff in your underwear? You know what I mean? Like at home. You don't have to make a big production out of it. That's how you could sell your car truck or exotic..

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