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Much more a mortgage payment is? I'm Jeff claymore. One 48. Over to Mary de pampa in the WTO traffic center. All right, thanks Mark and thanks to our listeners. We'll head over to Maryland where two 70 running southbound was jammed from about 27 all the way through Germantown to get past middlebrook road. And after you pass exit 13, you're going to stay to the left to get by. It was a trash truck fire and now clean up. Northbound, rubbernecking with a new crash, Lewis said just after you pass Watkins mills at 12, you'll find the crash adjacent to the truck fire to vehicles blocking the left lane and watch a response. They may be heading to scene. Lots of volume throughout the listening area caused by the weather, road spray, a couple of incidents, but if you're traveling 50 toward the bay bridge to go across, you've got two lanes going east three lanes going west, stay tuned unclear if they will do the two way travel with the weather conditions, but eastbound heavy and slow after a disabled vehicle which they say has been cleared from your travelings. Now in Virginia, 95 in spottsylvania county, northbound passing the thornburg exit one 18 staying single file to the right to get by the crash, and then northbound 95 was slow and Stafford county, a crash that's after the centerport Parkway did clear the easy pass express lanes pointing southbound and it is slow and heavy where they may join in farther south. Married to pump a WTO traffic. Now to storm team forest chuck bell, we still have a high chance for rain today has been moving into, it'll soon be moving out of

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