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Centralized normal but also magical and now you've got these amazing musicians connected to it. I love phil lawrence. I think he is magnificent. And i also love to know mars who you know that. He writes for a lot but he is a singer. Musician is also beyond on phil himself. And i've already told you how much i love on john. Legend and his work and how he is able to translate story to song and song for a story. So all of those things sort of just Worked together and it was a really wonderful thing to be part of another project that centralises black children and our wonder our ability to feel wonder The joy of christmas away that wasn't showing lack You know there was family dysfunction but that's important to show too because we all have it but the story wasn't about what these people couldn't have couldn't get couldn't whatever Aside from love and they rectified that The story took place in the victorian. Age with these amazing costumes by michael wilkinson whose australia randomly and phenomenal And he mixed all these african fabrics in these victorian costumes. These amazing colors and in the hair shared martin who i worked with on half of a yellow sun and all the hair was natural and it wasn't like there wasn't a commentary on it because this will people was supposed to look like does look like looks like so the amount of positive reinforcement within this film without beating people over the head with it is just fantastic and then you know again to be able to sing. The songs that i was able to sing was delicious. And i'll say this because we were talking about make it work and it's not a way that people have heard me sing before and that for me was quite the gift because i love to access that part of my voice and i think usually when people are thinking of me. They're thinking of me as a soprano. 'cause that's i am a soprano however i'm also that i'm also that greedy I don't know fantasia. So i'm not having gone there. I think when i do. That's the farewell concert. That'd be last note. But i also live in the deep register of my voice and and i and i really enjoy being there so there was an aspect of my voice that you that..

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