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To recap here in a couple minutes first on that Orlando bloom mayor story I have no idea what possibly could happen there were kind of because that confusion but I'm guessing this my gas of the store Orlando bloom probably thought heard the mayor was Republican and San Diego and thought he was a big trump supporter hates immigrants Bella and we've this whole tale of how Billy was or just assume the worst of he saw the mayor leaving there for it to get the aids and didn't realize that we have like a Republic in may squishy Republic right said he made his all star I think he was an evil tribe supporting Republican alas missed target on that one got a few emails here that are worth sharing here my mistake Charlie brought up a stew to Lee a mistake that I made earlier retirement D. A.'s I brought of the Boston DNA and the Dallas DA and the Chicago DA and I threw in there the San Diego DA and I was very very wrong I meant to say as Charlie knew our San Diego city attorney is cut from the same cloth our DNA summer stuff is Ammar Ellie it's the city attorney she's terrible summer sevens are DA she's amazing she won an election to Genevieve Jones right she's crazy so luckily stopper summer seven one I throw the bus earlier didn't mean to I meant to say city attorney not TA sorry miss seven thank you Charlie we talked earlier about to shame stealing and shame and what keeps you from stealing I also question again because it's actually we're talking about I think about it maybe to talk about with your family and your kids why not watch is still open California you're not gonna get arrested for anything under nine hundred fifty dollars so when you go to the grocery store they want you to still still everything not gonna happen one up why don't you still I mean they're generally not I'm not advocating you do it and we we really have to articulate that because we live in a society now where more more that's not gonna be a problem testing California's talked about the policies and laws but but if you know you're not gonna call you not gonna go to jail you know I could have a repercussions why not just steal everything under diner for the box so this is got email earlier this couple typos here because I think the person read it but the point here still made I'm a big advocate advocate for shame I still a belt from a friend's father while working for him months went by and he saw it I lied about it he dropped and let my life stand so I don't know what all that means but I guess I guess he stole something and he got caught I never wore the belt again what was a belter a tool belt thing as a tool belt I never wore the belt again I was so ashamed when I was confronted but I couldn't wear but I couldn't throw away either it wasn't mine I kept the bell in my stuff and and moved it when I moved and every time I saw it I remember the shame of being confronted for stealing I kept it for twenty two years that's happenstance a random give her got me but I didn't forget him I had to go back and see him again for business seeing him reminded me of the belt I haven't thought of in years I figured it had done its job and I could confront and confessed to him on the next meeting I brought the bell told the story he had long forgotten the solely remember it's so good to give back and to be forgiven and the shame has been a tool to do right and will continue to do so we need to feel shame and use it to show us the right path it's one of the hot takes the days we gotta bring shame back into our lives have back into our society I was pretty much the miles the opening our but really second hour to with the the Georgia simply person at the checkout aisle with more than ten items in the express lane more back story and then we'll get to the essence of this moon stuff so we talked talk about these fake hate crimes and how race relations must be getting better if he was making a big crimes all the time and why people make an office and so on college campuses after all this talk me having a decade or so about diversity initiatives and literally hundreds of bureaucrats at different schools at each school to tell you I just adversity bureaucrats and conclusively bureaucrats at all Berkeley spends at least two point three million dollars a year on just fund is static job salary for people working in diverse city department Columbia since two thousand five I spent a hundred eighty five million dollars on diversity initiatives three five million dollars so law school taxes little study to see if they've made any tangible gains in minority hiring and I think you know what the answer is going to be so from two thousand thirteen two thousand seventeen tenured faculty who were Hispanic and Latino grew by zero point six five percent black tenured faculty increase by point one percent an Asian Americans I one point nine four percent increase so what is inclusion bureaucrats doing making money getting the money I should say okay so back to the moon all these people although this progresses would using the moon the the NASA fifty years ago be misogynistic and made trip above all is what you talk about get you can't let what killed anything not be political views get hyper political the moon landing on the moon lit a political and I like this this truth that anything that the US is ever done is that is good is considered an achievement for humankind but anything that the US is ever done it's bad is a example of a his unique evil to the world meanwhile over in Hong Kong never a couple weeks ago we talked about how the protesters over there the protests in China the mainland which are now part of since the British left in nineteen ninety nine I believe it was sort of protesting the the Chinese people log on our so first of all the they're singing that this the Britney protest song is sing Hallelujah to the lord that's the first thing but a couple weeks ago they were waving the British flag they're waving the flag of the colonists the evil colonise we go now I'm seeing pictures of protesters waving American flags we have nothing to do with this work we have no history all call we're we're out of this fight we have nothing going on here so why are these people in Hong Kong carrying symbols of western colonialism and western imperialist including the American flag and how to progress is account for that this is Melissa chan this is for those who embrace the ideological framework of various forms of social justice for saying today right post colonialism D. colonialism critical race theory intersectional feminism Bob about seeing the Asian inhabitants of a former colony raise its colonial flag simply does not compute if I may for judge over what they would do this but a couple weeks ago we are read the part of the for the book sapiens and was about colonialism and with such J. good and evil view of colonialism where the in peerless are always bad and the colonized country is always virtuous and noble and good and it makes no sense the framework makes zero sense at all we talk about British involvement in India it's so easy to get movie that I had of the British being so terrible and awful and the Indians being so noble virtues and wonderful and victimized and all that and I think that the best example of it is there's a train station the beautiful train station built by the British and they renamed it is called the Victoria station they renamed at some Indian native name and first although the author of homo sapiens is a gay atheist progressive by the way this is not some raging imperial list got pro American is it resolved no one in India the city one rename it but no one ever would dream of tearing it down had to be even those beautiful western architecture and no one would ever dream about tearing down the entire train infrastructure that was established by the British as well and all these other things that the British did that were good but also if you wanted to go back join it lets anyone here of everything with British imperialism you want to go back to pre British times in India well then you're just going back to muzzle imperialism in India which the Taj Mahal was built during so we look at India the Taj Mahal who is so so native so Indian so be it the Muslim empire builder mother wasn't came and took already that they built the Taj Mahal that's TiVo colonialism just the same you can look at it as a black and white thing is just not we must today we got a look at everything after that framework so if you're if you live in that world and your look at these people in Hong Kong waving the the colonialists flag waving the American flag it doesn't compute in their brains within this ideological conception of the world there's very there's a very simple understanding of power dynamics in which oppression must always come from people seen as having dominant identities white male western heterosexual cisgender able bodied and deflected upon those seen as having marginalized identities people of color colonized indigenous women LGBTQ disabled by the way we could off the show talk about how now in some of these progressive schools twenty five percent of the students are labeled or classified disabled is because they want to be cut they want to be a marginalized identity so they chose disable in other words the west has to be bad Melissa chan one journalist commenting on this said the British flag is a symbol of genocide murder racism oppression and robbery hello maybe from your framework upon the bass but not to the people of Hong Kong is not people Hong Kong their flag in our flag is a symbol of democracy and freedom free markets individual rights a fair judicial system which is what all these protests are all about the first place so who's description of the simple do you trust more hours or this lives are this the others journalists but on the American flag is a symbol of genocide murder racism oppression robbery ordered would you rather trust the person a Hong Kong waving it in the face of Chinese police shooting at him.

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