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Of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has seemingly lined up all members of his party to support president trump joining us now to go more in depth on the possible outcome is David Drucker of the Washington examiner David are we going to see anything other than a party line vote well it's going to be a party one question and I mean it's full you know I don't know owning any Republicans break ranks and vote to convict and remove the president from office there are two charges the beginning here of use of power instruction if Congress very doubtful you get any Republican votes for obstruction of Congress the serious charge the more serious charge I think that they will look at it will be a piece of our own that's where you get a lot of evidence regarding the president's dealing with Ukraine and its president one of yours once the and I still think at the end of the day there are only four potential blokes in terms of how many Republicans could turn against the president but I tend to think that the odds of been doing so are pretty blah of course the anti trump contingent will tout recent new revelations about White House dealings with Ukraine and we'll say it this is just Republicans being good soldiers for the guy in the White House with that they really believe he should be acquitted or not is that the case well if it isn't in part the case I think what's important understand here is that Republican voters in the voter detainees to renominate reelect them they haven't turned against the president so I think there's a larger issue here it's not just loyalty the trumpets fear there on both wrists and hands Republican voters ever decided that what the president did was wrong and had you seen considerable movement of all the trouble Tom with the voters a warm happy about it and might be open to impeachment and removal I think you were seen in a much different outcome in terms of how the public is voted on this in the house and how they've been approaching this incentive obviously anything can change the always includes information could turn up war take a look at this you know with a fresh lands the lawyers make their arguments but you know I've been talking Republicans now since the beginning I've never seen and then press by the case the Democrats have been making in which stands in contrast to the other trump controversies during his here's an office so far more I saw them three Galvatron you know I just never saw it with impeachment but on top of that to get a larger issue is Republican voters are okay with trump one is that the case Republicans in Congress are gonna be okay with costs what does all this say about Mitch McConnell in his power within the party well I think what McConnell and gun a new job is explaining to Republicans in this conference in the Senate the man is an out of impeachment how work what they should expect I think that he did a good job of convincing most of them that the calling witnesses this problem will not a very useful exercise that they were much better off putting the trial sooner rather than later I think that he did a good job of explaining to the White House and president that the best thing for him and for the Republican Party generally was not to have a trial that stretched over several weeks or months that might be gratifying to trying here to see what this is it was too politically unpredictable and it was unnecessary to take more risks Moran Anson St now based on everything that the public has heard public is split on impeachment of the president is no worse off in his party is no worse off in terms of his approval ratings than he was in the beginning of this whole thing so why take a chance and ruin all of that when you know you never know what what this is going to say what new information is gonna come alive thanks David David Drucker of the Washington examiner.

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