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I mean, I suppose you can look at an alternative with with Catholic boy, but you know, he's at the moment significantly slower than those top two. I'm not. We have a long way to go between now and the Breeders Cup Classic. But I'm just saying if the fringe contenders in those races in the awesome again and in the jockey club Gold Cup, they don't perform well reasonably well. This coming weekend. All the sudden classic is. Getting pretty narrow as far as the top concerned about horses the yet to look at it and say, boy, they just might just be that much better than everyone else. As far as the rest of the field is concerned core beliefs. If you are in the camp, believes the inside was not where you wanted to be at parks on Saturday. You wanna throw him in your horse watches. Well, because he was buried on the inside. He stayed on gamely at the end king Zachary sort of adult non effort from him proviso, disappointing effort. He was a little bit. I don't want a little, but he was much more forward than he is accustomed to being, but he started doing what he was doing in the Travers, going into the far term where Lewis I was all over them in the traverse. He started backing up, but then he rallied again on at the end. Unfortunately, we didn't get that rally at the end disappointing from him disappointing for Mr. freezes. Well, you gotta give Mr. for a little bit of. I don't want you can't give them a full mulligan, but he was spun about ten wide going into the first turn that's not ideal and instill regardless got awfully just never involved. And you just hope that everything is okay. This I start on the east coast Chad Brown long story short. MacKenzie. He's back better than ever one. Oh, seven buyer one twenty nine time former Wes rating. We'll find out if he goes to the classic. Some people will be interested in who knows? Maybe I'll revisit my you know this piece here in the recap and think about it a little bit more and it'll be a little bit more inclined to think that an additional eight of a mile won't be a problem. I still question how far he wants to go. And if you're looking for a horse that maybe not this year for the classic, but maybe as a four year old and give them some more time, maybe a horse like Axelrod. The runner up in this race, maybe he continues to improve from Michael McCarthy. This was a good effort from him to run. Second as well. McKinsey gets the job done in the grade one, Pennsylvania derby. It's going to Belmont Park for the great to Kelso. This is a one turn mile in. Historically, this has been been sort of defacto prep four race like the Breeders Cup mile. Now in certain years, it's more important and more pressing than others because we've had instances whether it's at Santa Anita or it's at Keeneland Oreta del mar that the Breeders Cup dirt mile is run. Going turns. This. Year though when the Breeders Cup is at an event or venue, rather like Churchill Downs where it's a one turn mile race at Kelso becomes that much more important perhaps could potentially have certain horses point to this race as their stepping stone. This year, the notable entrant was battle of midway for Jerry Holland door for coming to the east coast. They wanted that one turn race to get him ready for a prep and get ready for the Breeders Cup mile. Unfortunately, for them that few things go against them on this day on Saturday afternoon, here's the stretch run of this year's Kelso. Sunny ridge is gonna come. Why? Time-line cuts the corner there into the stretch, and it is pattern recognition, still there, battle of midway in a bit of traffic. They're not gonna get there today, but sunny ridge is in with a shot now and here comes sunny ridge on the outside trying to run down pattern recognition, these two done to the line, time-line. Third pattern, recognitions going to hold them all off and win Kelso pattern. Recognition gets the job done for. Chad Brown at odds of five to one followed up by sunny rigid, odds of five to one who runs second. Then odds of six to one. Now the Chad horse time line. He runs out your trifecta. Very juicy fact. If you played fifty cents comes back eighty two dollars. The favorite even money. Battle of midway is out of the money runs. Fifth, stick. Look at pattern recognition. He is four of ten lifetime nine times in the exact just under three hundred eighty thousand dollars in career..

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