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Look, a lot has been made and you know, I talked about it earlier about Joe burrow's pressure, his performance under pressure. He won't flinch. He is an incredibly bright, very quick thinking quarterback at the line of scrimmage. And he can go to different calls and different schemes. On a moment's notice. As you know, both of you know that it's hard to do that. It's hard to go from a RPO kind of concept to a wide zone to a more traditional quarterback, what the Patriots have run for years and years and years with Tom Brady. It's difficult to throw all of that into the mix and pick and choose at a moment's notice, Joe burrow can do that. And I think Zach Taylor has taken advantage of that by picking and choosing different types of offensive attacks. One thing about Zack Taylor that he said a couple of weeks ago when I thought was very true. He said, if you have a cup of coffee with Sean mcvay, you're going to get a head coaching job in the National Football League. Meaning, obviously, Sean mcvay is so well known now and has such a reputation throughout football of coaching coach or having coaches on his staff who are well versed in different offensive schemes. The other thing that somebody brought up to me yesterday and get your opinion on this, what you think of this. It's much easier to hire an offensive head coach than it is a defensive coach. Brian Dave all for example. Versus the Giants going with a defensive guy. Let's say Lou Anna rumo, because Lou Anna rumo interviewed for the Giants head coaching job. And he's the D.C. with the Bengals now. It's easier for the Giants to go out and get Dave ball and Dave able to build an offense and hire defensively than it is the other way around. Do you agree with that? I do agree with it. I do think there's still a place for defensive coaches and obviously the two right here in the AFCs with Belichick and Sean McDermott have done really, really well as defense coaches. Defense first coaches, but the problem that you have is actually to keep it here with the bills and the Patriots is what's going on right now with the bills and the Patriots and that is they just lost their offense of coordinators to head coaching jobs. So issue that you have is that if you're a defensive minded head coach and Josh McDaniels takes the Raiders job and Brian dabel takes the Giants job, well, now every three or four years, your quarterback is starting over with a new offensive coordinator and a new play caller, whereas if you just hire that guy, if you hire his Zack Taylor, if you hire a Sean mcvay if you hire Brian dabel, Josh McDaniels, that system stays in place as long as that guy is the head coach..

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