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Fast. Don't be afraid of going to race again, because it's, it's quite it's quite scary to think about getting another start line. Again thought of not knowing what could happen during the race but enough the risky. That's does Paul race in. That's why we do it for the thrill of anything can happen, both good and bad and say, I just love to run and being able to race is it does make me happy and train in really does make me happy. And, and sometimes say, when you don't have the rice, you want to be kind of think, nah, I'm quite glad that happened because it's, it's not all plain sailing say the last two years have been really put open awkward and quite almost like the fact that something's short me down. But not not so much shut me down still not pay be kind of almost but yeah, it's definitely a lot more learned than. If out of run a massive pay bay and experienced the what not fatigue feels like. And how important is to get the pace in Ryan. So many things. I mean in what about let's talk a little bit about afterwards. Because you, you khanate chess. Right. Your radio. Confer forgot that, right. Yeah. Okay. So your radio for India HFS you pitch up to work the next day. Yeah. Mentioning that week didn't quite work. I thought it might be. I mean, you will. Maybe we'll have some Tuesday legs and they'll be a bit so, but it just wants to was it. No. Now, I think what kept me up of ground, really was the fact that the will so much going on, but it was just absolutely insane to on the way to work on Monday. I stopped at Tesco express just up some lunch. The I walked pounded, one of the aisles. And so the front Korver news paper just though, what you. Yeah. On front page of three newspapers in this little Tesco in Birmingham and thaw. No that that call that. I'll be happening right now. And I remember message in down saying, I've just watched Tesco, and my face is everywhere, what's going on? And then just absolutely erupted from them. Absolutely crazy. What do you mean erupted from then it was got? Hey, my phone was constantly go in phoned trying to get phone interviews people coming into Kosei on Monday. The tale mail came into work. ITV. Telegraph ole came to just basically talk to me, and take photos of me at work. And I just I remember saying to my line manager. I actually have got work to do. And I just kept thinking whole got, but it was just so surreal energy message down the afternoon saying what is going on? Make is actually happening right now when it was just so I think we both so. Even describe it. What's the jetty feeding like, okay? 'cause it's tricky is nip, like ice struggle, sometimes with. Take this, the right way, Spiratou performance. Yeah. Because, you know, there are many, many, many instances of inspiring people in the London marathon. And man, this is going to send terrible. This is really terrible. Someone getting their pace. Wrong, isn't one. Yes. Absolutely. You know, I think the the thing we tried to say the whole way through was amount. Michelle idioms racial fullness was was your guests from us way Charlotte, and she, she was inspirational because she executes the rice promptly. And, and that's that's what inspires us to try. And thanks you doesn't happen again. Yeah. And, and also in just that I think what was amazing was the timing. You know because. Yeah, that was pretty incredible. And you'll spit second response to cross the line. The had it had ID you deal with some of the crazy stuff like was it private? I he on the. Yeah. The funniest I'd never even heard of the magazine and a member taking someone sent me a photo and send it to down and said, what's this is this a mean? He said, oh dig. Then a nudge us when I was at work come aboard. Eight came out, and I just popped ph myths to get a drink. And I saw the magazine and Phil really like his I think it was about, I think Wednesday or Thursday NFL will have died down by now. And I just thought, oh my gosh. That's my face. Again. And it was only just been able to look in the mirror because I'm not too sick of seeing face on everything at the moment. Yeah. Wow. You know that you've got a smile, the back, you know, that you've gone actually from a performance point of view. I did wanna PB, okay? It wasn't why what I wanted, but my fifth marathon of only been running for a few years. And you know this was a tunnel offs. Honestly, like I think the amount of time, it's done. I've just sat there and just burst out, laughing thinking, everything has changed. But I don't know whether it's good, or whether it's at it's just so many mixed emotions, but generally the positive messages, come out of it to show determination, and grit and is not could've even you couldn't even predict something like that. The so many negative things that could come out of it. People saying you shouldn't push body to that level. It's crazy. There's been a few few few thing I just kind of think the majority of things of Cornell is so positive the I can't really be disappointed. Yes, it's a very strange feeling. And I think that's why I'm kind of a emotional roller coaster was some days. It's oh, that's brilliant. Another days. It's like not so great. But the other thing about this is it's temporary. And. That's you know, something about media is, is every, it's everything in the thing. As leading, you know, it'll be forgotten until you run the London marathon again. Yeah. Hopefully another race where I don't finish flow only face. I think the media stuff will be around. Yeah. Okay. Here she is at London cheese back. And, and, you know, when you're back at London that something to prepare yourself for. Yeah. Because it's all you'll get asked about to emerge, and like Dan, do you have any takeaways for our listeners so people listing that go actually I don't want to do Carruthers?

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