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A son four nine oh five eight five eight if you wanna give us a call all right now it's ten thirty let's check the news in a west on camp J. not a man already out on bail for prior vehicle burglary is arrested again for the same crime last Wednesday during operation to crack down on theft in the area of Champlain impair an officer saw how a hundred per as breaking into a vehicle and take property inside officers recover the stolen property press was taken into custody a top defense department official worked on Ukraine military aid is leaving latest post impeachment move or spot when the canyon has the story John Ruth played a key role in initially certify to Congress that Ukraine had taken actions to crackdown on government corruption in order to receive millions in military aid from the U. S. his position reportedly undermined the justification the administration gave withholding the assistance rude later face pressure to resign from someone said they had lost confidence in his ability to carry out the trump agenda president trump tweeted I would like to thank John root for his service to our country and wish him well in his future endeavors there's growing concern in the hemp industry over legal requirements to produce the crop came Jack director don York as more him producers from California to across the country according to politico feel they're being treated like criminals that's because laboratories that Tessa crop must be certified by the Drug Enforcement Administration something that has producers uneasy about USDA's new health regulations say farmers have to ship some other crop off to labs so that they can verify the crop does not contain illegal amounts of THC the mind altering chemical found in marijuana if they have cropped is found on complaint which would mean the THC levels or above point three percent it has to be completely destroyed under the supervision of a law enforcement officer John York KPMG news add over to Wall Street the Dow up a hundred and fifty points right now nasdaq up ninety nine S. and P. five hundred up about twenty points the the thing was kind of moving as I was reading it weather right now we are in the mid sixties almost in the mid sixty sixty two degrees right now at Fresno seventy today's high we get down to forty one degrees tonight what is on the hour on the half and when it breaks some data west newstalk five eighty one oh five nine K. M. J. O. now you know the central California blood center needs not trust negative block all blocked even if you don't know your time every single donation has the potential of saving multiple lines.

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