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A first time guest. I'm so excited to have because you know we've already talked about the lakers. We're going to talk about the lakers all the time. The lakers lakers lakers lakers. Let's talk about the other team. That remade itself almost completely in one offseason slash to if you count the john wall for rush straight. And that's the fighting washington wizards. Liz boulet the flailing aspiring team. That made a let me see if i can get this red five team. Trade involving like nine thousand nine hundred seven second round picks which is something that the wizard used to always sell to other teams and they stopped doing that and low behold it was helpful. I think i heard a rumor. That bobby marks after the trade was running around naked in bristol just screaming chandler hutchinson's name and writing chandler hutchinson's name in lipstick on the walls. That's crazy the trade was. Let's talk some whiz with the athletics. Fred katz one of the best beat writers in the nba. Fred how are you. i'm exhausted. I'm bobby marks level of exhausted. Right now i mean there are so many names in there and so many so many picks trade exceptions. There's cash i mean that deal has every single thing that you could possibly throw into a deal. It's it's unbelievable. Cash considerations got thrown in there. He's a good player. Let's let me just reset. The washington wizards roster. That's that's where we are at this point. We have to actually just be like who is on the team. Okay here are. The here is my projected. Starting lineup for the washington wizards and you. You will have a blank to fill in spencer dinwiddie acquired in this five team monstrosity at three or sixty two million dollar deal bradley. Beal blank. Ryuhachi mira daniel gifford. I'm guessing the blank will be contagious. Caldwell-pope what do you think. I think you're right. Yeah that would he. Certainly the favorite i. I don't think it'll be denny. And he's another contender for their i. I would assume it's caldwell-pope he just fits really well. I mean i know you could. Argue is a little bit better against guards that he is against huge wings but he shoots well from three. He can defend multiple positions on the perimeter. He's kind of versatile. Three and d guy. They've been looking for forever. And i think they feel more comfortable with off the bench at least at the start of the year and you could throw his playmaking into the second unit and i think that just works works right. So let's go through the resident depth chart. Because casey ep is a reliable defender in when you look at those names. Dinwiddie bill huchon moro's just getting interest third year gaffer. Who's a an exciting pogo stick of prospect. But that's not going to be a great defensive lineup. And obviously the wizards were i. I think brad beal us like four different metaphors to describe. How bad the wizards defense was. It couldn't guard a parked car then. It couldn't guard a grandma could not guard anything else. Was there any other lake. Couldn't guard like a rock. Was there anything else that was used. There were a lot of references to playing like ass and that was that was. That was something that was said on many an occasion throughout that. That's brad's go to. So yeah i think i think there might have been some other stuff that he was saying. Not press conferences to well. Look i mean the the quickest way to regular season Sort of competency is just be good defensive team every night. that's where the teams in new york particularly lasco players has made last year made their bonds. Will this thing the defense team. I don't know can they sniff average. I don't know but the other way that be a good regular season team is to have depth and this team has depth and depth. Helped you stand injuries. Were stand back to backs beat up on opposing second unit. That don't have that. So let's go through the depth chart. Are you ready fred. I am very ready. Point guard spencer. Dinwiddie how little netto who resigned by unsung hero of their team. Last year i will netto showed it really well from three. Just filled every gap that they had doesn't do anything spectacular and then erin holiday. Who was acquired for the twenty second. Pick and i believe the wizards got the also the thirty first. Pick in that draft. Twenty-second came courtesy of the lakers. Somehow ended up with the pacers. My head hurts already Bill when casey twos or twos or threes then you have a very crowded. Sort of hybrid. Forward I guess corey kuenssberg probably was going to be considered a to for them. A two point five. We'll place them to. They drafted him out of gonzaga kyle kuzma denny omnia ryuhachi myrrha 'davis britan's all guys. Who will probably stay time at the three to some degree. All guys who are probably forced to an entire degree and then the big guy's gifford mentioned todd already Thomas bryant and mantras herrell acquired from the lakers. That's that's just a lot of dudes. There's a lot of dudes fred. What am i to make of any of this. There's a lot of dudes which is which is kinda why i think it's. It's plausible. that the wizards are done. I mean they're really really close to luxury tax right now right up against it. They technically did not use their mid-level exception but they would have to cut a significant amount of salary in order to be able dip into that. But they have like you said there's so much depth with the forwards who aren't really wings. But you can kind of play on the wings but it's not preferable to have them on the wings with a a good thing. Russian kuzina has a lot of experience in that. They've the lakers because of their team. Construction has to guard everyone from klay thompson to bradley bradley beal when they played right and he's and he's a much better defender now than he was when he first came into the league is way improved on that side of the ball..

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