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See so and security consulting services incident response and forensics and management of antigua's security suite. Eunice team have helped dozens of government contractors identify and address their requirements under defines close to two five two point two four dash seven two and seven. Oh one nine. Their system security plans and set them on the path toward implementing their po. A and m's and eventually cmc level three compliance. So as you can imagine with all this talk we're going to talk about these c. m. c. Today which is something. I am looking forward to learning about. Because i know very little about it and frank knows a lot about it so frank woken and thanks for joining me today. Thanks chris pleasure to be here so we like to start by getting the story of our guests cybersecurity journey in their own words. So looking at your bio. It's clear that tech and computers were in your blood. From at least the time you were in college. We got bachelor's in computer science what was the original appeal to computers and in and what was what and where did the emphasis on security specifically take hold so i'll date myself a little bit. My dad bought me my first computer when i was in high school. It was a radio shack. Trs eighty and. I learned programming on punch cards. How in highschool in fortran four. And so i think i. I think you're a for fortran. Guests that's amazing. Hey trend cobol right right love it love it. Love it and then just really. After i left the air force. I joined a company that basically was doing Computer programming and analysis and manpower stuff for the navy and the marine corps. And then i just sort of grew through it and you know stayed doing the software development the it the infrastructure and then became a more security focused and rest is kinda history. And here. i am right. I was gonna say i mean you know. I like talking to guests. Who were there when just even the idea of cybersecurity was still sort of being written and stuff so i mean you. You saw it right from right when people started going on. We should probably secure all this stuff right. There never was a thing like security and you didn't have firewalls per se right. You did things very differently than you do now. Was there a sense of it. Being like an honor system. Almost where it's like. We all know each other ever so little internet. There was so little sort of like networking at the time. So there was there that sort of idea of like well. it's fine. we all know each other and leaves. You had darpa net right. Sorry the really wasn't the commercial cloud like we know it now and young. It was a much more controlled environment in than it wasn't why would it became there when it became something else. It really became something else really fast. Yeah so looking at some of your past positions I like to sometimes look at people's linked in profiles and you can kind of draw some lines through the disparate types of jobs that you've done to show like the types of things to do as a career so for example from two thousand and four to two thousand nine worked as vice president technology solutions at unitech which involved things developing processes around procuring hardware and software for clients developing policies and procedures for firewalls developing.

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