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America and in the western hemisphere body radiosurgery you can also call doctor Lieberman at two one two choices for free informative booklet and DVD Hey doctor Lieberman were back we are I want talk about a woman who's eighty six years old she's eighty six born in Jamaica she is single she has three children she came with her family she felt a lump in the right dress the year before she saw our doctor the doctor did a pet scan and staging and biopsy and he put her on hormones her cancer doctor program hormones well formal treatment for breast cancers okay but hormone treatment for breast cancer doesn't care anybody and first of all doesn't always work nothing always works number one number two hormone treatments even if they work for breast cancer only work temporarily and she came to us with pain she came to us with a big mass you came to us with cancer and she wanted to have a fresh second opinion that many people come to radio surgery New York for a fresh second opinion I contacted her doctor examined her breasts her right breast was very distorted it was shortened the cancers eating through the breast it was a seven centimeter mass my first and I got big hands and feet my fifty eight centimeters from of the seven centimeter mass in her breast and she had a three centimeter mass in her armpit should stage three cancer examiner we staged her up and by the way I can say that we treated her more than a year ago with his big mass distorting the brass big mass in the breast and under the armpit and she's eighty six years old members is eighty six years old and she doesn't want surgery she doesn't want chemotherapy and most people at that age probably wouldn't want to have chemo because it's often debilitating and surgery well surgery by itself would have most likely cure this cancer and she came to us and she chose her treatment she one of our treatment and more than a year ago we treated her for this big mass in the breast of the big mass in the armpit stage three cancer with our treatment only thank you came in this week I just saw her actually yesterday and she is doing great she's in remission that big mass is gone the distortion of the breast is gone the bass under the armpit is gone clinically she's in remission doing well she's happy and of course we do blood tests and imaging tests to make sure that she is fine this is what we do every day for this woman who's has this large breast cancer didn't want chemo didn't want surgery one of the affected treatment to take care of this cancer and that's indeed what we did the cancer's gone apple boulders Norris a cancer shows no symptoms this is what we do every day but Amanda sixty years old is born in New York City he has four children and you came because of prostate cancer was diagnosed a year before the Gleason seven cancer PSA seventy the cat scan that was normal bone scan that was normal and he had no treatment he weighs two hundred forty four pounds examined him get a localized cancer.

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