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When i was in west africa i felt really really really bad when i was living with friends in ivory coast and i was a you'll rhino eight you don't have malaria you'll handle switching just you know it's going to be fine drinking the forth there and then after five days crossing to gun just fainted in the to the hospital and it made me some blood tests and they told me i'm sorry pellets tell me when you say you just fainted yes who who are you who were you with in where are you when you faint so it was actually very lucky i in a hostile i was by myself but it was like six o'clock in the morning i woke up to the phone it i felt so bad and then coming back i could barely will so i remember it was three steps from cement and i just want to three on the three step i just fended all the way vic lucky for me i don't know what he did it was a youngster like inking all guy from new york in just caught me and then they took me to the hospital there was a gyp shin doctor their doctor jacob and he starts running blood test on me in the inactive after a now is that bad news for you you have malaria and typhoid and i was like together is kept nose okay what is walsh and he said listen in your case right now both of them can kill you so they put into the hospital gave me some medicine for full days he was a nightmare like ten kilo less by myself disgusting disgusting toilet people dying arrived you was hot in stinky but after four days i felt better so i checked myself out nep won't traveling we'll find.

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