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Good Wednesday morning northern Colorado. Thanks for joining us here on. No Co now I am. Tanner swint. Mikey kilpatrick tune the production work. We are excited to be with you. once again to provide the latest and the most relevant information regarding cove nineteen some business changes and allowing this time for northern. Colorado to let their voice be heard. And we're excited to continue to do that fund. Show ahead of us again today. We'll talk with Kobe. Oh a little bit later on work our way through some news stories As there are a ton of those every single day And then we will talk with. Nicole Quin with United Way of Weld County We will highlight some of the some of the great programs that they are working through. Nicole is the volunteer engagement coordinator for United Way of Weld County. She'll be talking about the Mass Cup for Weld Mascot for well so we'll be talking with her later on in the program to Work through what? That is all about excited. Every time we get somebody on from United Way. I'm I'm always thrilled to get a chance to talk to somebody who plays a role in impacting our community. So so very much. Want to hear from you today as always nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten nine seven zero three five three thirteen ten or you can text in to that. Kfi Text Line at three one nine nine six three one nine nine six textures. All you have to do is text. Kfta to subscribe. And you'll be ready to roll. WanNa start the show off by talking about a couple of new stories That that was released here this first one from JC Marmaduke Out of the Colorado in Fort Collins considers requiring masks inside businesses to prevent corona virus spread. Now as we work our way through this article keep in mind. That larimer county has been much more Much more strict with their attack against corona virus with the lockdowns the stay at home order that they implemented They actually put in place before the statewide stayed home. Home Order. was put in place and was actually stretched longer than the statewide so Going we work through this. This is really doesn't come as any surprise for calling city manager and City Council. Want to require those masks and face coverings well inside businesses during the outbreak city manager. Darren atteberry brought up the idea which still needs to be fine tune in drafted into ordinance form at a city council remote work session Tuesday night council members expressed unanimous support city leaders agreed any requirement should reference face coverings not just masks so residents understand. They can easily comply without needing to buy personal. Protective Equipment meant for healthcare and frontline workers. This is something that I am actually relatively surprised that has not been a statewide ordinance yet. I the way that governor police has been pushing for this I am. I am surprised that we have not seen a statewide Mask wearing requirement. I and I know that he's felt pressure to do it but he has been hesitant to do it. Throughout this Cova nineteen pandemic. The Article Continues Council members Backed the idea of requiring face coverings inside businesses and ask staff for more information about how the city can encourage but probably not require a mask wearing in public spaces like parks and trail so this would just be inside of businesses. When you're going in to pick up you know what if it's food or you know some of these retail businesses opening back up the salons that Lopin up on Friday this is just saying inside of those businesses. It will be important for for you to be wearing a mask and we'll be required Possibly by Fort Collins Let's stay in Fort Collins. Larimer county area. This is big news again. Coming out of the Colorado Fort Collins icon holiday twin drive in plans for weekend opening a holiday twin drive. In of course been around forever a favorite of mine as well and they are opening Friday with the blessing of the Larimer County Health Department. Make sense right. You're you're not getting packed anywhere you're going to be in your car the entire time and They are ready to roll the Popular Collins. Venue is operatives is on an operating plan for addressing the crossovers to the health department on Monday that expected to be approved. It did get approved Public Health Director Gonzales told Kennedy Commissioners Tuesday the drive INS plans meet county and state requirements for maintaining safe social.

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