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Idiot. Oh, crazy Super Cove Idiots! So something related to Copen? No. Yeah, all right. So Ricky Taylor. He's 64 years old. He had to stop at a WalMart recently as you do. And Ah, he was Tuesday evening, and he he walked on into the walmart do to do to do and there was an off duty cop who was working security detail at the store. And he said, Sir, sir. Sorry before you enter the store. It is policy that every customer Oh, wear a mask. And that off duty security cop said. I can furnish you with a mask if you don't have one of your own Well, pretty standard policy now. Yep. Ricky Taylor. Not a fan. And he made himself known by cursing out the officer. You can't make me wear a bleeping mask. I'm not wearing a bleeping mask. Well, OK, on the contrary, actually, in this case if you want to shop there You've got to put the mask on. So later on, he did purport to have a medical condition that presented prevented him from wearing a mask, but not until after he Was really rude to the off duty cop. But due to his unruly behaviour, WalMart placed him on trespass notice. So the cop asks him for his driver's license, and he said I could give it to you, but I'm not going, Tio. And then he exited the store and headed for his vehicle. And then do you know what he did? Pooped in the parking lot. No, I like that. End of the story. Ah, remember her pulled in Amber heard? No. He ran over the patrol officer. What with his car. He backed his auto up and twice struck. The old man who tried was just kindly give him a mask. Is he okay? He's fine. He but Mr Taylor Ricky Taylor was charged with aggravated assault on a peace officer, which is a felony. And disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. He was released from jail last night. I don't think he ever got what he needed from the wall, but this dude, this was much more about Thiss was not just the he was not an anti mass. No individual. This was just a battle of wills. Yeah, listen, I just want to use that, as like a cautionary tale like we don't need to get so Just put the dumb mask on. We don't need to be running people over. We don't need to be hurting people. It seems like he's the kind of guy that was looking for some issues. Yeah. He was looking for a fight. He wanted to run somebody over with this car. Also Quick aside. Having nothing to do with crazy, stupid idiots. Do you know what advertisement is popping up on nearly every single page I visit lately. The 02 respirator mask. That Is this the very mask we saw Sam Asgard? Yeah, not cut for your face. I think I sent that to you guys a while back. It finally started showing up on mine, and I don't know what triggered it. Probably because we've talked about masks or something, but, yeah, I just don't really know why they couldn't have improved on the design snow so it didn't look like Not cop. It looks like a Ah, yeah, Protective Vice for your schwing swang. I don't get it. Alright. Ah, When we come back on the Colleen and Bradley show to 45 we play a very fun game. It's fun for us. Hopefully, it's fun for you. Game called the Throwback life. We're going to do that. After this on my talk 1071 It's that time. Once again, my talkers to reach out and.

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