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Atecs dumpsters Melinda brand, we're, still seeing some pretty heavy. Delays out there. And that includes toll one thirty southbound thanks to an earlier wreck that happened to death nine sixty nine that traffic is backed up all, the way to Palmer also. Watch, out for collisions at thirty five southbound service road at Stassen e and thirty five northbound service road at wells branch Parkway and don't forget if you're going to, be on thirty five tonight the main lanes from south of William Canaan drive to Stassen. He completely closed bolt directions starting at ten as they're doing construction in the area and they'll. Do it again Saturday night as well I'm Linda Bryant with sins on time. Traffic partly cloudy tonight lows seventy partly sunny tomorrow high one hundred partly cloudy tomorrow night low seventy One degrees sunshine a few clouds on Sunday with a high of one hundred one and air quality will stay. Unhealthy for sensitive groups could be a shower, thunderstorm later Monday or Tuesday, for the weather. Center this is meteorologist Bob Mars very, dot com NewsRadio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM. Presents the Jeff Ward and, egged Clinton show Welcome back six oh six I'm at plunged Jeff we'll be back next week John by my. Son Ben climates for. The next. Hour. How, are. You good afternoon, until. Then you're stuck with me Stuck with, tech, within by,.

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