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I liked that we can call her Jennifer bowers or Jennifer Blair Chapman because we do realize that Geoffrey is putting on a character there. Yes, that's the thing is like. I 'cause I. My understanding, of Jeffrey Boyer Chapman is like the charming host from the bachelor or snatch of Love Lake I. I tend to like jet when Jeffrey shows up on drag race, but Lake Yeah in Canada's drag race. It's like who is this. Or You? It's a little game we play. Who Are you? Slow game we play. Yeah, no, he he. He put that on. It's like a Simon Oh. It's like a Paula. Abdul, it's like a Michelle this is right. He's you know and it's. It's hard to watch right now because we're kind of like. I don't like that. But I? If. We're speaking of putting on something. What did you make of the little moment after this runway when you know Carson and Michelle were like Oh my God, that was incredible. And then you have ru going amazing, yeah? Yeah I know I. It's. It reminded me of. It feels like a little piece of more raw footage that get got captain. And I don't think it was, but it would. It reminds me of. They did the same thing in season. Oh, season and Was Layla McQueen on and. Eight eight season eight. They did this in season eight. Right before the the. Young lip sync. On. Leyla. Perfect Oh, yeah, no, this is it? This is the lip sync song and so. I thought because of that. I kind of had that in my head like I wonder why they're showing us this, but I feel like it was just. They wanted to show commentary of being like. Yeah, this was a really incredible runway lake. The other cast members right Yeah, I mean I. Think it's like all these people are asking like. What was the phone call about? And it's like it wasn't about anything just to goop. Yeah, right? It was just a bit like okay. I read somewhere on Reddit. Someone was talking about something some producer I think. I don't know someone was on maybe Nicole Boyer Nicole Boyer's Nicole Buyers podcast and saying that apparently each week the phone would be on the desk. On the judges panel like every time, and there were supposed to be a bit of Lake Rupaul getting a phone call saying that the Lipschitz lip sync assassin is ready. And they cut it, and so all of them were like shocked when it happened after the lip sync. In the last episode. What's this about and so I? Guess if they had kept that bid in every week, it might have made a little more sense, but honestly I, just read it as a one off campus thing we're all expecting a twist, a wait a minute, and then it's like Gotcha Yeah Yeah Gotcha Yeah. It's actually the top. The top three becomes the top five because Monet Trinity Comeback. Compete to break their tie right. Right instead of coming back, and maybe needing another, take on filming that little. A completely agreed my. I got the reference like I totally got what they were referencing and was there. Was it ever explained on Reddit or anywhere? Why? They didn't actually come back other all star seasons. Back. I don't know why they didn't come back. But I also. It was like so like. Lake cringe-worthy. Oh, this is like so this is this is like to like baby. Gays performing reading at each other at a bar like you know what? It was that bad? I oh I do I thought it. I'll stand by that one all day. Yeah, I thought man. I know you two are funnier than this. I think that they are funnier than that I. think that yeah they. It was almost as if they. Were not in the same room and it was edited together. Like Their material. Certainly they were given a script. Put in front of a green screen me like all right. Let's get in one and get out of here. Yeah Yeah Mona's much better when it's Monet's Banda's yes. It really reminded me of if you go back and watch all stars four when they do the sex and the kiddy girl and her playing Charlotte, it was like the exact same acting style is like out. There's Monet do interacting voice Mary I was just thinking about that challenge, and actually I was listening to sibling rivalry and Omega their most recent episode I was snapping the entire time when Bob was talking about Blair anyway. The the kiddy girl sex Makita girl. I was just reflecting of like actually thought donated great. IS THAT SO wrong? I thought it was great funny. That that I mean that's a hard roll that challenge hold challenge, except for Omonia car I was yes. Insane like it was just. Such a candidates drag race. was some moments. There are some really great moments, and all stars for and I feel like as we're wrapping up our discussion of all starts five. There's some really great moments I think looking back that just need to marinate a little bit I. Do know that I will say and I. Still Continue to do say. I'm in love with Hannibal Lecter. Just pops into my head randomly throughout the day and all credit to Blair. Yes she. You know it wasn't all bad. Yeah I mean it was? It was a fun little season. You know I think I. Feel like you know there's there's always kind of how I feel about a season while it's happening. And then there's how feel better season once it's over and the when I go back and when I. Watch it and I think this season. While watching. It felt very straightforward and like you know fine felt really short, but I might go back later and go I might think of it the same way of season eight, which is like I need untidy, quick little season. They didn't have any groups, but had some strong performances, and some memorable moments, and so you know, versus like season nine I always think of. It was much more twisty turny. Definitely, you know the thing that I think all stars five is getting read for. Is that there? That, the cast was made up of a lot of surprises. And that that that the top three or the top four, you could even argue the top five was. You know. You. Could you saw it coming and it was very apparent who that would be. And know I think it all depends on what the contestants do now with this new platform of whether we're going to look back and be like Oh. Wow, oh, wow, oh, my God all those legends were on all starts five right, but. I think the problem was is that we were getting queens that were. It sounded like not sounded. It felt like they were quoting all-stars now instead of. Quoting a season or glowing up or having a redemption. They were Oh. This is this is an all-star. Does this and this is all stars right? It felt a little. Like Oh yeah, these people did not win their season and I. Know that Sounds Shady, but was like we've talked about in the past where earlier on and drag race just in general it was, it was referential to top model and referential to project runway, and two other reality shows, and then over time it was able to become self referential, and then all stars kind of became this new thing that was referential to the main seasons, and now stars, because we're five seasons in is becoming referential itself and I. Mean I feel like in some ways. It's like the new drag race. Vegas Review Show is is not necessarily even more referential. Put it. It is I. Mean it's. It's kind of like here's. Where here's what you know you can do with this platform and so I think. I don't know what the solution to that is I I'm other than just like changing things up significantly because I think just over time like. The sneaky its tail and more and more before you know it. It's eating its own head Yeah I mean not to say that you know. There weren't parts of the season that I. Enjoy that I don't enjoy the self referential nature of the seasons, but there was something about this cast that felt. Like, they weren't fully formed yet or that it was too quick or that. They just kind of underperformed. I I don't know I'm being honest. Sorry Might Shady. You might get your feelings hurt, but again it's my opinion i..

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