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If this is interesting to you, please do let me know that you found me on kami's podcast and then I do have a website and my name is quite long. So I took the Nicole part off and it's trick Stein and it's Steinbach with a seat with a c h at the end. Eh of the end. That's right. Yeah, surprisingly. Nobody had taken that one. It's very interesting. I love it though. I am literally the only Nicole trick Steinbach on Google. Yeah, very cool and awesome. So you're trending him trending. Actually, that's awesome. That's totally awesome. So what the final question I always thought what three Pearls of Wisdom. Can you share with our audience today? I know you've given us a lot of really juicy ones already. But let's let's hear free more. Okay. So because I listened to your podcast I had a heads up this one. I got to think about it for a while. So the first one that I just always always always go back to is know your values. I was born in Southern Ohio to a single mom and I had a daughter and there were all of these ideas about what was possible for me and one of my values Choice growth and curiosity that has never changed other things have changed but the value of growth and curiosity and and later in life. It became also fun is birth. Usually important and know them and live them and when you are in those spaces life is better. It's just walk so your values experience the joy of failure. That's a good one. It really can be a joy. There's no master way to connect with people to learn to practice humility and then people are generally kind when when we are open to that right near open to sharing those stories a hundred percent. I mean the CEO who I called the wrong name. There was this millisecond of annoyance on his boy his face and then he walked onto the stage with this, you know, great smile, but his hand onto my shoulder..

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