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Megabits per second internet with no contract added phone taxes or fees for just sixty four ninety eight a month make the right call and switch today I'm Greg rice with the supplyhouse dot com fan highway patrol the Mets play their spring training game earlier today if you care about things such as wins and losses they won they beat the cardinals forty one the Yankees are actually playing a night game tonight six thirty five first pitch down in Tampa J. happens look good so far in spring training is gonna start against half of the Philadelphia Phillies the other half of the Philadelphia Phillies already play spring training games it's March fourth I'm already at the point of island start the regular season but I do want to share a tweet that I thought was very funny it's a tweet and Donnell it's tough for me got a name of Richard staff who writes stuff Amazin Avenue about the Mets this tweet has garnered a lot of retweets because it's very funny and true and he writes if Mike Bloomberg one of the double billion dollars into a disappointing failure he should have just bought the mat right that's that's a good point very well said Richard we appreciate thank Mike is out right they do not Kerr is out yeah well that's but he say that I know I will I find that to right away so much is the cost when delegates in American Samoa American Samoa four hundred million one thing is for is one big thing with Mike Bloomberg it's you can't buy personality you can't buy charisma you can't buy that and just to quickly because we don't want to talk too much politics right it's very difficult to get the game late too that's a big problem yeah it's very difficult to get your first few state I remember we had mayor guiliani on years ago and I said no it's unfair not to give you political advice that whole idea of waiting until Florida not a great idea and he had a good sense of humor said you're right it's a good idea also if you go to debate have some plan going the plan at all just be aware that they're gonna ask you certain questions and you can't just stand there let him abuse you that is a fairly but if the mayor the former mayor is listening in the Mets are still for sale you will that's pretty good with Bloomberg Bynum date is in Toms River would have been an hour you yeah whatever right what's happening they are getting back to the the the problem with baseball elected the games and all that stuff I I think I got one solution that would be very helpful I don't know why you guys are allowed to come out to the mound if they spend X. amount of minutes in the bullpen warming up another one again I mean yes six seven pitches in a game sometime but he started to feel are you talking like the minute that's one way I think that would be very beneficial moving again along those two issues with that whole thing first of all you got to ask relievers say does it matter you know does it matter to you that maybe you want to warm up on the mound you're about to pitch on I'm sure a few relievers would probably say I need a couple of throws that's number one number two I'll say it again because it's just true and I know it's true so all repeated over and over again because it is so true that's not the problem with pace of play the problem with pace of play is do is do me a favor the homework project for one of the season starts in may April you board the VR game watch the seventh inning on and count the amount of time in between pitches and they get back to me and you'll know what the problem is you don't realize it as you're watching a game because you know maybe it's a big picture the big moment you're in your team winning do the math if thirty seconds between pitches a lot of times late in games Joe that's the problem that's solvent you beat up the game now you're not wrong rob Manfred I'll give you my cell phone if you want it George in Toms River New Jersey Shore town Hey John Allen I regard what's up to listen I'm assuming you know I you know I heard your podcast after the and that's game last night crazy crazy when you know obviously the team has had some struggles you know taking late you know until last night do you see the formulas have liver on the court and and dean will be on the bank showing that you think acting thing to do get a moving forward you know is the one time payment will be but here's the thing is Chris troubles is gonna play big minutes down the stretch and he played great last night so I don't need to knock him but he was one of the catalysts on the floor last night what I think Kenny did last night I love that I do appreciate it he wrote it the crew that was working Jared Allen and Joe Harris and Spencer Dinwiddie three starters three good players were not a part of the crew that was working no and so that's what it shows and TLC and liver and I'm trying to go else was out there and two hundred George Wright and Allen was in there a little bit too in there a little bit in and out a little so is it a fair question to wonder about the connection of liver and Dinwiddie short but I think last night was an example of it for the most part and it's to not play well last night we turn the ball over way too much early in the game Kenny did one of those pre court in the middle of the quarter interviews and he says and it's just ticked me off he said I don't know maybe the guys are nervous because they're on national TV stop it Darvish because there are not trying to be funny what wasn't funny I didn't laugh but for there's nothing more ridiculous than these in game after recording interviews with coaches it's a waste on me and we see this in football two in college football you see I mean I did have time they're they're a unit cornering wanted to cultures is walking off and why these guys are just could be you know more of an **** as I not an asset I mean it's just you know we see Popovich somebody's interviews try to be you know you you know try to be cute this it on being clients saying yeah yeah yeah I mean it is what what are they wasting their time doing what it's such a waste not to not getting anything from that I totally agree but I think in last night's case Kenny did a good job of saying this is the crew that's working I'm gonna stick with it and Hey they came back and actually pulled off his amazing even Belmar Dave our you Hey I don't know what's up Hey I'm a member ID number you're talking about not retire numbers maybe a Volvo reserves their number twenty Tommy Agee yeah you can't retire ageism because why not because the guy Cleon Jones would have to go before Tommy Agee he asked the very thankful yeah I don't think about it you can't use but it was an overall better better place Cleon I thank you judge and would have been a big one for the recently retired Ron Swoboda SW I mean he made a graduate I mean as soon as we we talked to was the game she retired the shop is the way to go get listen let's not go down the road of retiring every single man who did something Cleon Jones we have let's say you should retire resolved but clearly is way ahead of Tommy H. yeah let's go to Chris in Brooklyn Chris how are you hi Joe and Evan so yes I got I got three minutes of reading from you guys both for you what in the reverse twice but yeah it's okay you I love you joke back what are the what do you mean you got fifteen minutes of fame in reverse and honestly I'd I called twice and I didn't like how you a brazen because I'm a jets fan and it likely will play develop second I said something about point fingers and gotten rid me so good said even the call of he's Belichick is one a great coach of all time is not the greatest why would I want to know what she does and it went on we used the staff spent a soul but I got to respect the greatness of Bella check up you have to leave you wincing symbols are going to nine by cheating okay let's be real no problem to be yeah all right hopefully but I'll be watching the government hasn't played yet he hasn't played I thought he was ready for even though I still say why opening day he will be on the roster playing opening day I believe that that's what I think wow that thank you your name well it's still got three weeks to we play games right okay I mean I well I still think says there's gonna be given there's got to be a date though Joe in your mind where he's not playing spring training games you don't think he's gonna be ready for opening they will be asking I don't think I would say that yet I think we're about a week away from it it's coming as I've said this before pitchers concern me more than haters at this time of year I don't think it takes a position player that much to get ready for the start of the season but for pitch I got to work on a special starting pitcher we are now at March fourth if you know what is in the lineup by March eleventh and now again with two and a half we will concern I would start to believe he's not going to be ready for today's the fourth yeah it's two weeks three weeks tomorrow I was avoiding the I would start to be good yeah I really I I at this point I what I think you can be ready for opening day the Mets give no indication of that the only indication we have as well you know what this is inspired he's very spot that's great I'm inspired to do stuff I can't do M. as in Woodridge what do you want Z. about a compliment and a criticism if I may yeah compliment great show from port Saint Lucie last Friday thank you hello we appreciate you signing for great and when we were down there did you run into a friend or Jeff won't Pano actually for a moment we were in it when we got there we did the early polity interviews about ten o'clock in the morning they brought us Jeff big delivers felines all we were I think next to the neck locker room or wherever you are and you have like a conference room there as we did the shows from and I'm kind of looking around I see will like by five or six of these people coming out they all look like CEOs of companies they're walking out in a locker room and who's in the middle of them Fred we'll talk but I'd say a lot of mind even noticed us you know so he just kind of what that's the only time I saw any will potter offered at five seconds that was it yeah I hear they won't spend money on players they won't sell the won't ponds and I have been Busch that fail to call when by he kept talking about Collins beautiful I thought yeah it's my fault I want you to criticism allies appears certain princesses old chair because I think that much five years ago when the power first of all I do is in the studio who's that sitting in my chair but jokes aside you are sitting yes we're not used to said yes Hey Joe I hope that you never find yourself in a foxhole with that in because he jumped ship on his next to last night and you Twitter did you tweet tweet something there to get his legs would you tell me that means they gave up I said a quote but they showed heart only goes so far that's what I tweeted did I say they lost did I shut the game I'm surprised at you in the middle of the game would actually do it due to what city then why would you even from now but did you do this inability because that's always in the game yeah with the children but they showed hormone leader I mean it kind of sounds like you say okay well they showed you something but yeah I don't know I hate to say that there is what does that mean you're giving up there I thought they were gonna lose yeah well I thought so too but but but but but I'm very surprised knowing you as I do.

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