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Throw us in that group and most people's is in that group, given people notice that you know, we're pretty good teams J B how differently if it all when you're an interim coach versus once you been named the head coach or under contract. You don't have that tag. I should say is the approach any different data day. Do you have to approach it differently as an interim when you're competing to get the job you went through it before in Houston where you'd weren't kept on as the head coach did that influence at all how you handled it last season. You know, honestly, when you take over in that position, and you have this position as a whole your responsibilities to the organization, and that's the way I tried to approach it. You can't have selfish motives in a position of leadership. I don't think that's the right way to go about it. So you know, a sat down with the front office. You know, got information of the direction we were heading in the things that we were trying to do in both places, and you know, the results were different. But it's only thing that matters is what's right for the organization, and then whatever happens to you you kind of figure it out on back in lucky enough to be able to get this job. If I didn't get this job because of the situation and circumstances who knows the next I would've had to get a job. So I'm thankful for that. And appreciative from this organization. But it it's tough because you know, as an interim there is no long term plan. You know, it's day to day. It's game to game. It's figure out whatever we're trying to do right now as an head coach. You know, you've got some years on your contract you've had conversation with ownership front office. And you can put a. Plan in place, and it's not a you know a week plan. You know, what I mean, it's a three year plan. Hopefully, I mean, this is how it's supposed to work teams in the playoffs for a significant stretch years. They get riddled with injuries. They bottom out. They end up in the lottery, they get the number four pick. They get a player in. Jaren Jackson who not only is a cornerstone for the future. All of a sudden, he's really good right away. You plug him into your group and you try to head right back to the playoffs. That's what it's supposed to be now teams linger for years in the lottery. But I think what happened with Memphis is. That's how you hope it works out. Right. Well, we're fortunate. You know what? I mean, we're we're fortunate and we were different than all the other teams that were in the lottery this year from that standpoint. You know, we still have, you know, Markelle Saul who is an all-star we have Mike Conley. Who at this point has should have been in all star with his ability to play lead and things that he's done for the city of Memphis in the organization. We just dealt with guys being out. And so when we were able to get into the lottery, and then draft a guy like Jaren who, you know, we believe is going to be a stud, you know, when he's already really really good. I think he's got the potential to be one of the top two way players in our league for a long time. Now, you throw him in with veterans like Mike and Mark and then give credit to ownership in for an office. You add guys like shelve imag geared temple Jamaica, green comes back. You know, what I mean like we're a competitive basketball team with an identity, which I think the hard part about being in the lottery year in and year out is you lose an identity. You don't know exactly who you're trying to be. That's really interesting. I think especially for a player like Jaren. It is most players who are in the lottery or who are drafted up that high with the exception of one team on somebody else's pick. If Boston has they always have somebody's pick. Right. And they they cooperate them in. But Jaren comes into a situation where. He's got real mature hall of fame level veteran leadership to work his way in and figure it out in. That's not the case with a lot of young players. And he's trying and the games..

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