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Welcome so what I would call a broadcast legend I don't imagine there are many people in the country may be on the world that don't know the name Geraldo Rivera he joins us on the live line right now Mr Rivera such a pleasure to have you on this morning thank you to all banks are much it's my pleasure I'll tell you what you talk about storied careers I mean you've done just about everything a broadcaster to do how how many years have you been doing the broadcasting I am in my fiftieth year I think I'll be the seventh longest by the time I actually celebrate the anniversary on Labor Day that is incredible just incredible when you look back over your time as a broadcaster mean you feel like the remotes like this is a time where I would just stroking it I was hitting it this is when was as a broadcaster I was just on top of my game I got a great question I I think first of all that survival is my my greatest achievement just the to be a in in during figure in the in the minds of a pop culture America over you know five different decades all those different presidents all those different styles all those different wars all those different trends long hair short hair apps platform shoes was polyester shirts that disco Vietnam War you know the eighties the seventies my goodness and then the talk show years getting in the nose and all that I've been quite a ride yeah I yeah you know I think back to justice the times and I can remember things that you were doing and that's the thing I mean when you talk about being relevant you gotta talk the talk you gotta have the right look but ultimately you have to deliver the information that people want and that's the key because you know it what was popular talk about in the seventies was different in the eighties and the nineties in the two thousands and you've been able to just to keep navigating offering thank you all right I I yeah I'm pretty flexible as part of that as I do have my kids by the divorces of mushy three marriages and please re inventions you know it's been a wild ride of like the president and I have known each other since nineteen seventy six he was at my engagement party at regions Park Avenue in nineteen seventy six when he was a young developer from queens in New York the borough of queens he came into Manhattan to make a splash of men and like I the chronicle bad we became friends the study going to fights together and hanging out together and I interviewed him thirty five times as fate would have it I was on the last season of the apprentice with them just before he announced his run for the presidency so to watch it this whole process with an old hangout buddies the commander in chief is kind of it's good if we did this there's not a lot of people on the planet can say one of my old hang out but he's now the president it is it's fun to you from time to time there's there's no doubt and you know to I mean I got a picture of your pin from me here with your new podcast which I definitely want to talk about road kill but you know I I look at you there's a lot of people that have been around a long time because they're kind of like every man they kinda you know just kind of are able to to kind of go along with the flow and they just look like what you want to look like you got kind of a a unique look well I mean Hey there it's always been my costar and they carry a came from their generation yeah I repair the must as I've always had a relatively distinctive look but you know it it's funny toll it looks in that kind of stuff doesn't last very long what what last you is is energy and you know doing the job conveying I you know what's happening to folks how you feel about what's happening you know trying to see where the stuff is going you know before it gets there it's it's it's it's very kinetic there's a lot of the energy a lot of concentration a lot of flexibility you know I I will remember just a few months ago I actually on the front page of my book desperado shows a picture of me in Columbus on top of that big that Marriott that state historic building it you know so I I was doing a story that they're about in your in your town about the opioid epidemic the you know the capital city and and I originally was dealing with yeah we're we're like the we're ground zero or like the epicenter for a lot of that stuff having me having tracked it from the original epidemics of the nineteen seventies to now I you know I tend to bring some expertise chops to the games are helpful no doubt no doubt so just like we talked about through your career fifty years you try to stay on top of what's hot what's hot right now people of podcasting wanna download listen on their own time you've got a new one it's called road kill first of all why the name road kill well my old boss my late boss Roger ailes late lamented or unlimited depending at point of view of boss Roger ailes told me when I was Christiane issues you know he insisted that I you know come on be sharper you know they they promoted he actively promoted the conservative point of view the hard right point of view I said Roger I'm not hard right it's not my seat is a way you never going to be on top of this game and I said well I'll take my chance you know where and he said with the only thing in the middle of the road is road kill that's where I got the idea as I am in the middle of the road I try to be moderate take you know when the right is right I try to say that when the left is right I tried to say that you know I may I may be just the tide center right because my relationship with the president but I really am in the middle of the road and I think that is the you know the view is fine from the middle of the road is funny too because I imagine there's times when people on the left upset you because they think you're too far right and then vice versa there's times when people on the right are like no no no you're way too far left that's that's kind of a sign that your your walk that middle line and sometimes right in the same conversation around the same I you know typically I'd be on the five of you doing the story a very supportive of the president's board of president I have president trump is right the mainstream media's trying to screw him you know that distorting this that and in the same conversation say but I don't like the president's policies on immigration you know some of the other issues where we have that knocked it just to show you you know the the I I detest the some of the language about the wall and you know about about immigration particularly at some of the world or about abortion and pro choice you know there are some things that that happened that I believe that the rights not always right about although I must say as of right now if I had to tell you I was voted for or as of right now would be president trump conscious of the desert road kill podcast I mean do you do interviews is it just you talking about the events what what do you do two weeks ago that the the hottest one right now roadkill is my interview two weeks ago with that Donald Trump okay it was forty five minutes long it's absolutely un edited they talked about everything including the virus you know I I it's a good place for people to start and if you did that then I think you'll like every week we try to I think it might take what's his what's the what's the view from the battered metal in the so far so good to finance.

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