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Beyond intestinal health in fact dr murray says it may affect the immune system throughout the body for the mayo clinic news network i'm dennis doda door taking a look at your roadway is this morning katie green here let's check out that traffic we do have a slowdown westbound 24 at 580 in oakland the right shoulder currently blocked chp officers out there right now northbound eighty it auto mall parkway the right shoulder here blocked as well nick it's an accident here no injuries involves so it looks like everybody is okay we do have chp officers providing some traffic control twenty four westbound as you approach the call the cat two vehicles taking of that left hand side of the roadway and northbound eighty at oak street we have a big rig that is sold in the right lane chp officers with them now also check in with the chp problem spot if you're traveling on twenty four west data this is 24 well we've had this is also the call the cut another vehicle ever to the right hand side your bart right checking in problemfree look jesus of awards yogi dini's though with gordon sudbury on talk radio earlier 60 cancer vo i i know to our critics this sosa really patti but that that's okay because this is so they unveiled the presidential portrait's of barachit michelle today and we were telling you about brock's which in is is becoming an internet sensation because it's unlike any presidential portrait ever general you're thinking presidential portrait okay this is you know leader of the free world too big deal even if you dislike the the guide office it's still a big deal and one would think.

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