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Most of their stories are allegories about you know fairly significant issues. You look at every single ruby. Did i mean winter soldier signing to not thinly disguised. So or they're just so. Imagine it like four ragnarok said i'm like i don't care that this isn't about. The world is imaginative. That it's about the world even if it's not so but civil servant was tricky. There's something about it. It's like we did look into it. I think it's like connected to the fantastic four and because of that kind of lives under its own umbrella. There was something that got in the way of it because we did look into a couple years ago. But i could be wrong. Could be miss remembering with. There was some reason. Didn't happen or someone else was already working on it. No i was definitely into it because that would be very easy. One if you look at gladys and you look at the the origin story of the silver surfer how. He sacrificed himself for his home planet. noreen rat. Was that day as relief. Aim in a long time. That would be a very easy one to make it a an environmental allegory. So i that could be an incredible movie enacting. It could be visually the most stunning marvel movie. That's ever been made. So i i haven't lost interest in fact now you mentioned maybe. I'll lob phone call and see what's going on at are you at all dc guy at a little bit more It's been divisive. Certainly go into hours of snyder. Cut debates on on this podcast. But i have some dc love when i was a kid. I used to love legion of superheroes for some reason. I don't know why i was way into that. There definitely were some cool. Dc comics. I mean. I remember when wall simonson did the Takeover at one point that backout really cool sir wild so that these runs lights. I tell you my real dream is to do what you know. Mnisi did with the unbreakable or what were shot. Skis did with matrix which is created a regional comic legend epic. I mean to me that would be the coolest one of all in make up your own brand new era. So i'm still thinking about that. It's still have a desire to do that at some point What's on the podcasting docket. After death at the wing or be hosting others. I mean. I heard of my enjoyment of this hearing. You take us through this. Because you use the distinctive. Kate hudson invoice Plea let's not. We have one going. That is just incredible. It's with nature. Surfrider daniel dwayne and it's the story of reunion island and how it's It's a surf island in the middle of. I think it's the indian ocean couple hundred miles east of africa and long story short through environmental changes. It's infested with bull sharks and it used to be a surfers paradise and it's the calm one of the most horrific shark attack ongoing stories ever and he's been talkin. Us about his research on it. So we're doing a investigative sorta portrait Unfortunately this is happening in other places around the world with the intensity of the waves changes. It changes the slope of the waves break and Sediments overfishing in temperature changes you're seeing these radical ships in where fish are in out fish feed and there's another island off brazil that same venues invested with sharks and it's it's really terrifying fascinating gripping story. I think it's going to be. i immediately. Wants apted into a feature film or or a series it. It's an incredible story. And then we alluded to earlier against the perils for you of having so much on your docket have the hit all of it but the hbo stuff. There's like okay. The lakers show has been cast to a t. On i mean when i heard idiom brody like will the slicked back hair. I mean done where we're done pat riley lives of the inspire are gassing burnham. I mean all down the line. i'm into it on. This is the lakers back in the eighties. Back in the day is so this is clearly an ensemble but is this seen through the eyes of one person. Particularly coup story is the lakers show. It's it's a couple of different people's stories and it's it's once again. It's just about that. Time nineteen seventy nine to eighty. Were all of american. Culture just seem to change in in some ways. That's through the reagan revolution but in really more major way in subways is that american culture really became african american culture. I mean they became one in the same one. could argue. world culture became african american culture. I was watching the vietnamese rappers the other day for another project. I'm working on. And they're all imitating african american cultures credible. So the is really. Dr bus is big. He's sort of a a great gatsby type lens into this story. Obviously magic johnson is a big boy. Sadness jeanie buss. Dr buses daughter is a big lens into this. And there's a couple of others. Jerry west is a big boys in the story. Kareem abdul-jabbar so it's definitely an ensemble story and so many fascinating characters on the showtime lakers we get to dip in the each one but those are the main characters and we're and you mentioned parasites so you collaborating with director bong. We haven't heard much this lately. What's i mean. There's so much curiosity of how you adapt that and it is. It's in the same universe. Is it a different interpretation. Like what do we. What can we expect out of the parasite series letters san right now. I mean we're we're just having the the best time we just kind of staffed up with an incredible writers room. I basically outlined the series with director bond during the quarantine with overseeing So yeah it's it's an original. It's in the same universe as feature an original but it's an original story that lives in that same world you know. Sorta like trying to think of an example tin men to diner exhibits. You're you're speaking my language. Oh yeah it's like that levinson cinematic universe. Great i love the leaded and not lie. So yeah it said said original series of retold story. We finish the outline of finish the first episode. And then we just put together a writer's room and it's it's troubling full speed at it's it's I mean you know chasing lights. You get very lucky for me to get to work anywhere near director longs orbit. I feel a usually when i hear people say i'm honored. It sounds like bullshit to me. But i bleed shively honored and having a blast your surrounding yourself with the with the right people clearly in speaks volumes. That they They they flock to you based on your work I most appreciative of your time. Always adam especially given how many projects we've just teased. And that's probably just the tip of the iceberg. Everybody check death at the wing. It's engrossing with your nba fan or not. It is about a lot more than just eighties basketball. It's about the wives and times that we lived in that ben and how they inform where where we landed today Congratulations not barely touch on the q. Doc of by check that out. That's to say the least. And and as i said i know we'll talk about your your intriguing movie later in the year. Thanks for having me man. Always a pleasure and so ends another edition of happy side. Confused remember to review right and subscribe to the show on itunes or wherever you get your focus on the big coco's passing. I'm daisy ridley. Definitely both impression despite..

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