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For warning thank you all know problem milk romano hey about every time i call you i wish i had my own bumper song you know a lawyer the great guy the wonderful caller you'll something like that well can do see we can reach all to quit point and i wanna be i personally lepers point is relying upon younger healthier people to pay into the system spread the hurt across the country was young people do because a healthy i'm john i don't even care my automobile i'm not going to bind that program one thing that's the hall ryan cleary right there well um hours but one thing i do see personally upfront is that really a healthcare system long you're a veteran and you will you on eligible the headed we eight hard cover call bomb obscure leafy here you covered that now what happened is that i see it every day people are crowded into the system now these are generally healthy veterans that would otherwise not shuttle the door va but they still aren't right but now they're going to the system and no extra money or capacity was built in the system so what they're doing it is crowding out an already crowded broken the system well i i certainly you know more about it than i do that's a sad thing to hear right but i mean there are eligible for god bless earned here in the right but once again these abuser younger healthier people i go there all the time because i'm a disabled veteran and i see it.

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