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Let's calm down so we can solve the problem said lee shah now who was stuck in a hole. It's juki said phoebe he's stuck and we need something long to pull them out leash. The liquorice lady thought for a long time. Who could phoebe mean. She didn't know that. Phoebe didn't know jogi mood mu k. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Boogie pseudo tashi mazda. Popcorns full name. She thought maybe gygi was a doll or a friend from a different neighborhood or something but the look on his face was more worried than that finally figured it out. Oh said lucia. You'll mean jogi mood jogi motu. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever boogie pseudo. Toshimasa popcorn yes. That's it said. Well he said. Lisa take my longest piece of licorice. That should help. But you'll need some big muscles to get yogi moog immovable. Uk bjorn lucky endeavor. A clever forever a boogie. Pseudo touchy popcorn out of that hole. Oh thought phoebe. Who do i know in my neighborhood. That has big muscles and just as soon as she thought. She remembered mad. Medusa the professional wrestler. She had the biggest muscles in the whole city. She can lift. Yuki out of that hole in no time. So phoebe ran to the gym where mad medusa worked out. She was there heaving and snapping a set of giant chains. Madam medusa shouted. Phoebe got to come. Quick gygi stuck in a hole at the park and we need your muscles to help lift him out. Medusa put down her weights and wiped the sweat from her brow. Sorry phoebe. I didn't hear you too busy based in it up in here. Who is stuck in a whole jew. Gi what is that. is that some kind of joke. It was then that phoebe understood mad. Medusa didn't know that jogi was phoebe. Nickname for jogi. Muji musha k. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever bogu tashi mustang popcorn. Phoebe realized that she was the only one that called him doogie and everybody else only knew his full name. She felt guilty. She'd stopped trying to learn it a long time ago. It just didn't seem like nattered but well juki was her friend and it was time she put in the effort. Luckily she'd heard his name over and over again today and she had been sure to listen. She took a deep breath and routed around deep in her memory until finally at long last she remembered how to say gygi. Mo- juju chablis k. bjorn lucky endeavor. Clever forever bogey. Shoe tashi mazda. Popcorn said phoebe. He stuck in a hole mad. Medusa leaped up from her workout bench. Jogi mu shuki moo shapur cape bjorn lucky and deborah clever forever. Boogie shoe she must. Popcorn is in trouble mad. Medusa is on way charge. Madame medusa ran out of the gym towards the park and phoebe ran close behind her. Madam medusa rams so fast that they got to the whole in the park at the same time as jogi yogi musha. Bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever. Boogie shudo touchy musty. Popcorns dad but when they arrived they saw something amazing job mode shuki shibuya. Kei bjorn lucky endeavour clever forever boogie pseudo. tashi mustang. Popcorn had already climbed out of the whole. He was covered in scratches scrapes and bruises. Though.

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