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You want to call it that. And we did the 6 hour together last year. So, you know, we moved into the trains and we don't miss you, and that's why we're here. You know, trying to get ourselves right for the 6 hour this year. Okay. And of course, it wasn't a track for 6 hours, but you've known well and had success at being on the podium a number of times at banners. And to the point where, oh, him again, right. You absolutely look Beth is it like last year I had this opportunity to do something with my boys and not many people get to do. And to go on race of Beth is with Dalton and Tristan was that's the dream come true for me. And to be honest, it's one of the greatest weekends I've ever spent at a race track with everything that I've done in my career. I just love that weekend so much. And I love that track. It means so much to me. Like it's been good to me and it's been so damn cruel all at the same time. But it's the best track in Australia. It's one of the best tracks in the world. And to do that last year with them was very special, but to get the opportunity to do that again this year, he's just unreal. I can't wait to get there and really looking forward to it. Now, when you walked away from motor sport, your father of course chill grave consulting was always nearby. There's a name that was carried on the car after you'd lost a super duke business. But when you walked away from the sport, you were then involved in horsepower of a different kind. Here completely different horsepower. Yeah. My wife and I brought a horse land franchise. Which we ran for about 7 aes in Underwood up in Queensland or just between Gold Coast and Brisbane. And yeah, we ran that for the best part of 7 years and I pretty much walked away from racing and it was easier to walk away and leave it behind. And just do something different. And look it was good. We enjoyed it. And that finished around 2014. And then you mentioned shell grave there just before. My dad Bruce started that business for 43 years ago. And he asked me to be interested in coming in and taking over the running day to day running of the business. And I decided I would. And I've been doing that now for the best part of 6 or 7 years. And I really enjoy it. It's great. It's more than a manpower company. You do all sorts of management. Yeah, yeah. So basically, if you want to look at a nutshell, or lay behind a company, but specialize in the mining industry. Is that right? No, no, we're mainly in the food and beverage. So we have fitter and fitters and boilermakers and some things like that in the food and beverage industry. We basically, you know, companies like CBS, he blue scope steel, et cetera, you know? Companies are involved in the maintenance of all their lines and machines. So the difference between us and most labor high companies, if you want to look at that ways, majority of our workforce is permanent. Because we have permanent contracts. And then we have the casual higher part of it on the side. Okay. All right. Okay. And so that keeps you and your dance out because the business is based in the business is basically in Melbourne. So maintains our head office. And we're having airport there, actually. But now I live on the Gold Coast. We relocated there 27 years ago. So I run the business remotely and prior to COVID, I probably spent the best part of just about every single month of the year in Melbourne sometimes twice twice a month. So you're a worse place as you can be, you know. Yeah, I love Melbourne. It's funny when I live here. I didn't really spend much time in the city. So I can't say I loved Melbourne so much when I lived here. But since I left, now when I come here, that's where I go. So I actually love Melbourne city. And it was great just coming down here this week. I come down early before the race meeting and spent a few days in Melbourne working and I just really enjoyed it and the footage just started and it was like, oh, here we go, Melbourne's back. It's just great. Just great. All right. And so you live actually in Gold Coast. And they have done for some years. Two boys here racing and you're getting ready for the 12 hour. The production race. And will you drive again with your two sons? Well, maybe Tristan, my other boy, so Dalton's racing here in the trans am this weekend. Tristan's gonna be racing the Australian production car championship. Which kicks off after bathurst. Like calendar. And there's some endurance style rises in that. So I'm not sure if Dalton's gonna team up with him or I am yet, but you could see me again can never know. Barracks also got another BMW there as well. So I might do some just some Queensland production car stuff with him as well and just have some fun and I'm not I'm not looking to get back in the racing seriously or anything like that. I just want to do it and enjoy it and then like I said at the start, the opportunity to do this with my boys is like I said it's a dream come true and it's just something that I cherish and I love and I'm really happy that we've got that connection and we can do this. Oh, well thank you for Johnny as I said about Steve Ellie and we look forward to some more chapters in your book. Thanks Tony, I really appreciate a good senior. Thank you. Inside supercars is produced by thunder media, shooting next time for more or locking the podcast on your iTunes or mobile device, search inside supercars. 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