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You wanted to say will that terms of living in the community, you're in if you're a cop, a friend. I had a good friend who was a live live for a while. And the community was breweries a policeman. He said he had to leave had to move away get tired of resting neighbors. So it's kind of Ezekiel. I'll i'll. Oh update. Mine all amend my statement. I don't need you to live in that community. I need you to know it in move in it, and sort of understand it. The the other thing is it is I understand what people have people that come in their home and are sort of in their community. They wanna feel like they're a part of the community. And and people do stereotype both ways, you know, what I mean? So if it makes that more easy. Okay. But I generally agree with your position that what you really want is the best person doing the job just assume I'd like to look at every firemen and every cop, and every everyone just assumed there were the best at that that particular profession and get on my life. And and I don't have any, you know, the rally of cops which is weird. I it's about forty percent of the cops in in large urban areas are Hispanic black female. Well, it's like it's not a bunch of dolph Lundgren's running around forty percent. If you had all those I I don't know. I mean, you can I don't know about the female part. I've probably higher with the FEMA. So look when you're in L A, and you get pulled over sound like to white guy show at the car. It's a Spanish guy or woman or whatever. Whatever it is. They're saying you just listen, and whatever you did you probably did. And that's why they pulled the over. I don't I don't go pull me over because I'm this or that she's a female. I'm white. I'm a guy she's pulled me at work because meduse you wouldn't pull over female. Oh, I don't feel like females get pulled over a fair bit. You know, drive to fast and whoever pulls you over pulls you over. I never had we could get to world white males, particularly white male. Just get pulled over hassled. Poor people get hassled me. Never. I don't think that really fully sinks in. But poor people get hassled by the cops. I used to get pulled over all the time. I rarely get pulled over anymore as your tail well that kind of thing or. When you pull over poor person. There's a lot more potential, right? There's your castles, they're just playing the cops aren't there to waste your own time right to pull over somebody you go. I like maybe this person's got a warrant Mary can get some money. Maybe there's some drugs in the car. Maybe it's not registered to their name. Maybe they don't have proof of insurance. There's another hundred bucks, you know, whatever. Like, I I it's a sensually. They see the briefcases that to shake cases. It's like how he Mandel show got the models in the cases deal or no deal deal or no deal. And that's what they see see a wall those, but they started figure out the ones with the poor models seem to have a little more in the case. And there's a lot of MAs in the in the rich model ones. But the poor ones. There's a little more meat on that. I got a better chance of finding something in there. The more in the case. Because I didn't have proof of insurance. Is it turned out when I was poor. And I might not have an updated, whatever license or whatever just more stuff to find you with more stuff that why what why they pulling people over safety safe grave safety concerns rarely. They're pulling people over to find stuff. Poor people you find more stuff. So I used to get pulled over all the time. It's just more stuff to find. Now. I drive a nicer car. Everything's updated. And there's less stuff to find. So less less less cases. Get opened. Yes..

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