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Wedding on the battles dbs sunday at one shot at this guy was students ages as los angeles naval criminal investigative service no emission cuts onto fine we need to go into combat no the you know what they're capable of running editor no no limits going off book for this one there is no book for this deal maize ncis los angeles sunday or stream it live or on demand cbs this fall the fight against terror we have an opportunity to snatch at high level ice okay this might be early sza these are our greatest weapon these words send in august or yannis doors on but she come to see us install wins news time eight thirty eightinch on wednesday entertainment the second night of abc's bachelor in paradise featured a wedding between eminent carly cr lovely ocean so deep so while untamed and so much turks promising to restart exploring you later the show got serious as it address these scandal involving dim mario jackson and korean olympia house meantime on ag the live rounds were held last night they started with 17yearold christian borodino dino up patch on long island performing ed sheeran's make and rain denied of along to nine year old singer anjelica hail that's right nine she got a standing ovation for her rendition of calamity after months of speculation daniel cragg told seeven call there whether or not he will continue to claim 007 i've been cagey about it i've been doing injuries all day and people have been asked me a man of i think i'd be raw the corey by coming felt like you know so to speak the truth i should speak the truth to you and so correct says he will play 007 for the fifth time in the next james bond movie it's due out in twenty nine tina the.

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