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This is the Greg bedard patriots podcast with Nick cabins powered by bet U.S.. All right, so before we get started, I think we'd be remiss if we did not congratulate the Boston Red Sox on getting to the ALCS, both Greg and I are big baseball guys. Congratulations to the Red Sox. Greg, did you think there was any chance this team was gonna make it this deep? Past the Yankees, yes. The rays, I thought it was going to be a long series. I thought it was going to go down to it. But this is a team that before the season I had to dig out my tweet, but I said something, I think it was on opening day. I was like, I think there's I think there's a little something to this team. You know, I was definitely excited about this team. You know, I'm a big Alex core fan. So I think that whatever the patriots, whatever the Red Sox might not have on paper, I think that he can make up for it sort of similar to Belichick. I hold Alice in that sort of level of head coach, you know, I think that what he's done with the Red Sox in a short time two trips World Series title now I think is almost Belichick in. And so I was I was high on them not high, but I was expecting more than a lot of people were. And, you know, look, they stumbled down the stretch in the regular season, but I still thought that they were a good team and I think that I think this is another this series with the rays Nick is another example of Moneyball just doesn't work in the postseason. It works for it's designed by computer nerds over a 162 games. And it works for you, but it's really hard to win, it's really hard to win much in the postseason because it gets shrunken down and the smaller the series, the tougher it is. And I think the numbers go out the window and a guy like Alex Cora and when you pluck players.

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