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Sponsored by compassion international you can change the world for a child in extreme poverty through compassion international just text child eight three three nine three to find out how the microclimate forecast mostly cloudy overnight right now which is fifty two degrees of Lindbergh field and set new goals beep beep the Tucson roadrunners forty one project arena last night the girls visit Bakersfield tonight I'm Erik Roy AM seven sixty K. F. M. B. talk and breaking news news update JYJ system of rain snow and ice hitting the nation's midsection heading toward the northeast and the west coast is dealing with some snow threats of its own we start in Sioux falls first grade teacher Jordan Osterberg Hey we have a few inches of snow on the ground the card right by I think from cloud but cars are still getting stuck trying to get real I know there's been no travel advisory ball but I have people apparently lots of government offices and schools closed in the heartland and looking ahead WCBS TV forecaster Lonnie Quinn the whole system will push to the east as it gets into Chicago changing from snow over to some ice and some rain as well then it keeps pushing east it will make its way into the northeast and then out to sea by Sunday were before about the situation did to deteriorate enough on Friday in time for the Federal Aviation Administration to order a ground stop at Chicago o'hare airport earlier Friday a plane slid off an icy taxi way in Kansas city CBS news update on top forty the M. seven sixteen KFMB six nine four nine part of the conversation call is shell Rotella the hotline eight six six nine zero seven three three three nine shell Rotella the engine oil that works as hard as you do truckers see a lot of signs on the the most important signs truckers Macy are the signs of human trafficking truckers against trafficking.

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