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About the poor who pay in the nation and and big excited west virginia art was arkansas mississippi rhonda maigret on it and and i mean though we're going down the same trail that had been taken on for some years and it's not going to improve if we don't change your attitude and allow nothing is one minute hacked the rich in a give it to the poor in not been working to while it doesn't work well fact that doesn't work look at all i appreciate your phone call this morning and if i were you i would gather my goodies and moved to a caribbean island with a sandy beach and coconuts everywhere that's what i would do and let me tell you something i'm very close to doing 'cause i i'm just i'm tired of of of people like susan collins gutting praise to death while she helps destroy america and takes down the greatest country in the world over her personal compassion for others while she keeps them poor six twenty two you're wlob fm and am headlines legislative leaders of announced that that he had said it take a vote of the state's extra your budget cycle this week side still remain twenty five billion dollars apart on school funding and how to pay for it fiftyfouryearold zhawar of docs county will survive a gop a fine after pleading guilty to sugar seal off the coast of acadia national park the judge said as three days in jail at one thousand dollar fine wool and metro likely to give to underperform east offered free shuttle each has the careful stopped at the velvet shopping center of the arm with park ride that occur in public works federal neil street and sell poorly will be sold redevelop than what makes of housing it open space upper guidelines given by councillors wlob fm and am next with maine's total weather from channel eight wmtw partly sunny a ties today with a chance of showers thunder thunderstorm low 70s partly cloudy tonight tomorrow partly sunny seventy three to seventy eight wednesday night clear upper 50s morning sun than gathering clouds thursday middle to upper seventies spotty showers and thunderstorms on friday near eighty from channel eight this is meteorologist russ murli bringing you maine's total weather if your responsible for hiring and firing you know it should be like a roulette wheel if your new higher.

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