Robbie Alvarado, Yesterday, Robertson discussed on Thoroughbred Racing Radio Network


Their way and we'll see well the potential the the potential for a an apple blossom early season showdown with you know monoploy more girl and more That I think that's got people I know it's got people talking. Because i was the one of the first things that came out Minutes after the beholder win. Yeah and We also like to to run against sheet. There's the devil again either. I think we. I think we have the better horse. Folks trip didn't unfold for us but You know so. All those matchups are great and It's a little early to figure out how it all falls in place but it could happen. Kenny given What i just mentioned you know what happened. and the discussions minutes after The the race. And i'm not one to look to stir up trouble and and controversy but Robbie alvarado with a kind of a thoughtless comment After the race yesterday when asked about about Going to the stick. I any reaction to what what really offer a number of of observers and fans. I didn't hear this obviously we were. We were You know at the races. I didn't watch these telecasts. So I can't say anything about that and i think robertson a good place right now He's.

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