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Oh because virus came out of China. People are going to be mean xenophobic to Chinese people in announcing trump. Is it doing enough so I don't know what their angle is? This is why this is the issue. When you have fucking Luke impressive just lying. Media wonder actually is a crisis. You don't know if you can trust it. That's why it's dangerous right. He's propaganda so Both Fox AFC NS pushing on forty. Don't go away. We'll be right back. Are you tired of governments around the world? Killing innocent people stop using their money. There is an alternative. Bitcoin stateless free market non-political currency. Bitcoin is money that cannot be inflated or controlled by any state by continuing to use their money. You're perpetuating the killing stop doing it. You have an incredible alternative available to you now learn it use. It spread it get started with Bitcoin at BITCOIN DOT COM. It's BITCOIN DOT COM free. Talk live I cannot imagine anyone ever calling a cigarette interdiction hotline be great conversation. Be Like I'm calling because I can't stop smoking sir. Do you have a cigarette right now. Well guess is it lit. Okay you have an ashtray. Yes okay you know when you're done with your cigarette and you put it out okay. Try that right now. But it's not go ahead and do that same motion I cannot give you imagine the conversations with the is it twenty four hours. Someone called dumb smoke. Seeping I only get motivated at three. Am helped me out. I just know the smoked all my money away now. My wife's left me took the dog and the kids go. I got no money left. I've smoked at all. I was breaking into my neighbor's houses and pawning their. Tv's cigarettes free. Talk Live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the Liberty Radio Network at L. R. N. DOT FM. Some.

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