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Dolphins land today member eight is all about Ryan tannehill. And the latest news regarding his injury. We are now finding out it is a right shoulder. Capsule injury, very complicated, very complex, no real timetable. No real clear vacation, what is truly going on this injury. Of course to his throwing shoulder that he injured against the Cincinnati Bengals towards the end of the game. When he was strip sacked and his arm just weighing a really tough spot going backwards. Trying to go forward all the same time, and thus leading up to this to help us sort. This all out we are joined by Dr David Chow of the San Diego union Tribune of Clayton football. And a board certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialists who spent seventeen years as the head team physician for the chargers, Dr Chow, of course, gives his input on many types of injuries throughout the NFL as they come up throughout the season, very well versed in his knowledge and the game itself, you could find him on Twitter at pro football, doc, Dr child thank you for joining us here on Finsider radio. All right. Dr let's get straight to it. You have seen Ryan tannehill from a distance. You have not examined him. You know, have any inside information. You've just seen him talk at his press conferences, you have seen the play. You've looked at film of Ryan a hill. And you know, the injuries that have occurred in the NFL over the years in a nutshell. Can you tell us what's going on in your opinion with Ryan a hill? Thanks for studying beltway. I've never right Jenny hill. That I've seen. From ill insider information here more insider knowledge from being in the NFL and knowing what these injuries are. And also studied injuries on video, and I did look at a video the Bengals gaming cetera of the jet. Joe shoulder. Rivers that he was out. There was talk about how he was going to be out because of the joy, spraying the raiders. I didn't believe that at all. But once I saw the video of the Bengals hit where he was fully. Ended up having arm. Stop by Carla Dunlap. That's why I wrote on October fifteen that there is worry assery injury. Which is spin. And that's just hard to predict and how do terms of line. However based on the article that I wrote yesterday from Ryan's comments. I don't think he's that close. I'm not trying to be human clue. But I think it's pretty optimistic to think that he'll be back after the bye. Doctor. You actually told the Palm Beach post this morning that you think Ryan I was more like with yelp for the season that he has to be back for the colts game. Now, you mentioned you had not examined Ryan tannehill just seen. What's been going on film, and so forth? If you're making assumption, right? And you have the experience to to do this. And to look at these things and kind of get a feel for what's going on. Why does it seem the dolphins can't find that kind of round as well? They've been saying for the past few weeks. We'll see about the ultimate we will see about the upcoming week is this comedy NFL to kind of lead. Opponents maybe down the wrong path toward you. They really feel like Ryan tannehill could get back on track sooner rather than later. I don't know. Dolphins are thinking inside the building. Not that. I don't know what they're. What they're doing. I always find that. Understanding. But if we did know all fast understand why they're doing. Could be misleading opponents they could be keeping alive players in the building. And Ryan tannehill optimistic there could be other reasons that I'm thinking of but your doctors good trains. I believe what they're doing on the outside looking in no way. Whatsoever. I'm just saying that Ryan told us. Yesterday once going on basically said he tore his castle. What I mean is he says we have to let the castle. He'll well, if there's no tear, what's the he'll he says the capital stretched, you didn't use the word tear, but stretched medically. At least partial share that's part of what I. A little while nothing wrong mystic..

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