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Meet brenna brenda. How are you good to see you get to see you as well tell us Semi i have so many questions for you brennan. Tell us a little bit about yourself. I see you like the color purple because the wall behind you is painted a very dynamic purple. yes it is well my name's donna. I'm from louisville. Colorado and i graduated with the degree in biology studying herpetology which is study of reptiles amphibians. Study of herpes. Used for a second what everybody thinks. Well it's not the i joke. I've made that everyone else has also made So herpetology study of reptiles thousand. And that's what you studied. Do use that in your current life. You use the fact that you studied reptiles well during college. I went and i studied abroad in australia. And so that's the home of the best reptiles amphibians in my opinion and. I'm sorry. I'm a proud american so now i think we've got the killer. I don't like this. I go to other countries for the good reptiles countries so much you marry them. I'm sorry i snapped you brenna. I'm i'm really way to keyed up. You went of course. Of course. I've been to australia and i love america but i do think australia has the better reptiles. Yeah there's definitely really cool. But anyway so then. After i graduated i worked at the cornell abattoir nephrology and back in australia though and i was studying birds so that was a different thing. But it's not. Technically what i do for work right now. Do you feel like you've betrayed the reptiles to study birds. Well some people say that birds are just like modern day dinosaurs so they're basically ripped out but not really I don't say that at all the reptiles their birds. So i don't care what some people say who are misinformed took the wrong message from jurassic park any who. Here's what i'll say you've studied these things. I'm very proud of you. Because i love meeting young people that are learning and studying and just aren't on tiktok all the time. You know eating their gummy gummy. We'd yeah but you are actually have studied things. What do you do now. So i work for a really cool nonprofit called reverb and what we do is we work with touring musicians and bands to make their tours. More environmentally friendly for you know very cool idea kind of combined science and my other love of music and art and things like that. That's very i like that. Because i'm i love music and i think it's important to take care of the planet. So what kind of things if you were. Let's say. I was going to go out on the road with my band. The bad clams and we were gonna perform our newest album taken it to the limit and we were going to go out there. I'm just making this up. But i'm out there with my band bad clams and we're doing our to the limit and i want to do a tour. How would you advise me to be environmentally friendly. So there's things that we do like front of house and then backstage backstage. We do things like make sure. There's recycling and composting all basic stuff. But also we have fans come so a your fans at the bad clans would come and they would basically be volunteers and they would volunteer for an hour. Give their time talk about some cool environmental things that we're doing. Maybe sell some water bottles to raise money for some local nonprofits. And maybe we have your tour. Bus be powered by environmentally friendly. Aeko fuels owner. Here's the problem bruna. If you know what my fans are like especially fans of my bands the bad clan. What are they called the your fans there called clams or clan heads. Whatever when clem heads show up at my show there all smashed on molly so when you try and get them to gather round out by the bus that burns french fry oil and has a rainbow painted on the side. They're going to be like screw. This man bad clams bad clans. Bring out the band and they'll be spinning and jumping around and playing hacky sack. There's no hacky sack pillow. They'll think there is so. That's the problem is i think sometimes rock and roll and environmentally conscious meetings. Just before rock show may not mix. Do you ever have that problem. Well we work with a pretty diverse man of like artists of different types of genres and ages. And things like that and we haven't really had that problem. I think a lot of it has to do with that. These people get to go to the show for free tier and then they get a go free. I see what you're doing free anyone will show up and they'll do as they're told. Yeah that's pretty cool. Why like what you're doing. Do think your love of reptiles is if we're gonna come back into the picture you think you're ever going to get back to reptiles back to your your true passion. I hope so. So i hope to go to grad school in the future and maybe get my phd. You're trying to save up for grad. School is at the idea. Yeah but you're working for a nonprofit you paying you nonprofit. Yeah they are you to st man who go to wall street and buy some bitcoin. You know that's a lot of science jobs are fully funded when you go to grad school. You don't have to pay a whole lot right. that's cool. i applaud. You and i applaud. What you're doing and i think it's very cool. I do too. I really think you seem like a good person. Let's you're about what we've heard about brenna the herpetologist. We've heard about brenna the nonprofit eco friendly orchestra and band organizer. We've heard about that for about that brenner. But what about the real brenna. The flesh and blood. Brennan who lives and breathes. Who i'm speaking to. Now tell us about you. What do you like as a person. What kind of family do you come from. Who are you well. I come from a family of four. Have mom and dad and older brother. I've got to snakes and a tortoise and a dog. i like. I like sake of to snakes. What kind snakes do you have. I have a ball python and a borneo short tailed python. Caen attack you and kill you now. I wouldn't think so they're about four feet. Loa wouldn't find thinks. I wouldn't think so music. You've put very little thought into this. Well they're not that big but if you may be word is like gave.

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