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Don't think I have any fear John Wyatt to you. The is Eddie. All. For rapid traffic. I so close to pulling the plug which I think John is pulling clean. God, please. Let's do it right now. Let's that, that should be the last. I'm very close. I am so tired of these sea. And I remember when I did it. I said it was only a transition. I was try I hated that big gunshot thing that came in. I was looking for something to only do for a few months. I I'm not ready to pull the plug at four nineteen this afternoon. But are but how about six nineteen? That would be a good time to do it. You mean six nineteen. Yeah. Yeah. This afternoon. That's a silly. All right. Well, that means I'll still be on the air that then the trade off is going to be you have to do that last report. Live. I would I would make that trip. I've got to come up with a plan for something else. Other than just introducing it and deciding that, that's what I want to do. But I will I've got a dilly dally, or as you I will start actively thinking about how I want to present this at it might be that I just stick with what we're continuing to do. But it was to be transitional and we're we're past the transam. I'm officially weary of the malls. But I mean Jon Wyatt openly criticizing, I told you he has no fear of me whatsoever. I need to get just like somebody you ever, did you ever listen? I am a little bit. He's a monster to those people. Well, I mean he was a cranky old man going way back. Let's say so people say, I can you break. I like a pussy cat in here. Yeah. Ninety four eastbound at Holly wrote a crash blocks the left lane delays coming all the way from the zoo interchange. It's twenty five minutes from Moreland into downtown westbound, everybody's looking over the meeting wallet that crash. You've got delays coming right from seven ninety four twenty seven minutes downtown out to morla road. Forty three northbound you can find some delays from up to local and then, again, approaching bend road where you've got a crash on the right shoulder. Delays begin your Silver Spring. Southbound slow all the way from Hampton into the Marquette twenty Brown deer to downtick. But all the things I that if I had done that other people in this market have gotten away with that would have ended my career prior to this..

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