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That's the best in his career through the first sixty throwing the ball. I think the second most times in the league with luck having thrown the most. So so it's down the road project for him. But certainly he can work his way, and he's a long way from being started. Starting quarterback in the NFL as far as Lamar Jackson only eighteen total touches for Ingram in that game against Washington. But Mark Ingram off of the suspension. Look incredible. Is it going to be a more expanded role DC against Baltimore today? I think more of Ingram and also more of Kamera Hanley touch the ball nine times in that game against the Washington Redskins. So I I think both of those if if the running game clicking they're gonna try and get the running game going so that drew Brees can use more play action. But again without again that downfield speed he's on injured reserve, they hope he'll be back in eight weeks puts more pressure on really trick watch the rookie. And then of course, Michael Thomas, who's one of the outstanding receivers Chris Mayer. Saints ravens later today. Chris great to have you. We appreciate the secondhand. All right. We'll talk you later on in the game. All right. Definitely. Well, there goes Chris Myers. Alright is on the bears. Patriots game the bears just picked up a fumble. And it was one of those falls it came from Sony Michelle, and it was not because anybody hit the ball or anything like that. It was a our you're about to break my leg. So I'm going to drop the ball fumble. And the bears got the fumble. And Michelle had to be helped off the field. And there are a whole lot of tweets from a whole lot of NFL sources that are just saying that at least the look of it. You know, you you you, can you can absolutely have hope I remember earlier this year. We sorta pronounced Matt Brita season was probably over and and he came back in the third quarter. So I I don't want to I don't want to proclaim it. But there there's an injury that did not look good right there to Sony, Michelle Sony, Michelle. Yeah. Lower body stagnant. Upper body twisting away from his legs. That is never a good sign when you wrapped up low and you're getting pulled away from your lower body, that's still planted in earth. That's not great. And then also remember Chris HOGAN was taken off the field injury on the Eshelman touchdown where he took a tackle to the back of his legs. So patriots offense all of a sudden look little Nemec as far as offensive weapons. Well, no doubt about it. And remember Michelle came in with knee issues already. He had them at the draft. He was questionable this week with a knee injury. And you start to wonder if that is something bad. What are the patriots do next? In the backfield. You still got James white. But he's more of a passing down guy. The backfield getting real thin for the patriots..

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