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So I want to get. Your. Thoughts on this there is a. New survey a ranking. America's favorite toppings for a hotdog. So Megan what do you, think is is America's. Favorite topping you can, just pick one. Mustard mustard alright charity what do you say. I'm going to go onions you're gonna go onions. Mustard is number three onions. Is number six oh? That's number one is catch-up oh I know exactly number two is, chilly I like me some chili on. Talk okay number three is mustard four cheese relish five onion six, then it gets. A little weird? Seven sauerkraut not that weird but. I like. This Number. Eight is mayo I've never really put. Mail. And number nine San Antonio will. Like this hollow pain. Yeah okay number ten I think. Is the weirdest coleslaw coal, fly on an interesting You're out. Of everything else you know exactly Megan charity, will you in honor of national hotdog. Day. Will. You be, enjoying a dog today I don't have anything in my fridge So from going Hot hot and we just found out the heat. Mix is dumber We, don't have, the gray matter to find the right a hotdog today Right now for flashback your chance to win a four, pack. Of tickets. To kick in it for a, cure at the Freeman Coliseum this weekend you're, going to see Hank Williams junior and..

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