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Wesley Snipes, Jurassic Park, Michael Crow discussed on Lights, Camera, Podcast


Like any book you wanna pick so i went into the book cabinet at home cal shelf yeah and i picked i picked a rising sun the nineteen ninetytwo michael crichton novel not a good book for a book report not appropriate material i believe they made a movie out of that with wesley snipes yes that's a good one i think i thought i was going to be your medieval mice book series that you're talking about less red wall so good why didn't you report on that wash you know 'cause i i didn't wanna go to the library so i just picked what we had in the house and rising sun was there which i think like one of my parents but some michael crichton novels after jurassic park came big and just never read them all right no though cinematic history wise michael crow michael crichton wrote and directed the nineteen seventythree film westworld which is what the hit tv series westworld is based off a good movie is a very good movie actually it was that old school russian do that played the killer robot guy yeah yul brenner did the russian version of the cowboy man land man blacker whatever his name was yeah any more fun facts drill now we're done okay i'll casto goes w that's been the pot comic casting news jamie foxx as spawn and then the jake jilin whole has mysterious hype continues to grow thoughts and immediate thought that we talked about spun lasting being one of the worst movies of all time yes on the movie was bad but i love jamie fox i think he has the opportunity to kill this role spun the character was really popular in the mid nineties and then it fizzled out gm and heard much of spawned but i think it could be really good i think it might lend itself well to the advanced special effects we now have in twenty eighteen one of the really really i mean one of many bad things in the original spawn were.

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Wesley Snipes, Jurassic Park, Michael Crow discussed on Lights, Camera, Podcast

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