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Undermine her authority and damage the government andrew jackson well the prime minister needs forest the so when she has some kind of not entirely satisfactory deal she can sell it to the eurosceptic so it would be ridiculous to think that the prime minister's i mean the premise all enough on the issue in question she herself was strongly very firmly very categorically against building a third runway at heathrow so was philip hammond boris as usual selatan rather more interesting way and i think the wider public i think the people rachel speaks to our shocked by his whole style they think that politics cannot include anything reckless or exaggerated or and even even amusing but the wider public like that they want candor and politicians and they won't candor even if politicians sometimes subsequently wash about the party faithful when when you're looking at someone and thinking is this is this what we were i think what has to put oneself in the shoes of a third rate tori mp who's wired that he's going to lose his seat and when they change leader which may will before the next election they only do it once without having an election so the next leader will fight the election and they need someone who can actually reach the wider public and there aren't very many people rachel near that could name every member of the cabinet but i shouldn't think more than one person in one thousand and not sure i could myself actually most of them are so anonymous rachel this was the often called the the heineken test he still passes it doesn't he in terms of obviously the name recognition and and all the rest of it he's definitely famous but i think what's what's changed with brexit is that he's gone from being politician with outreach to quite a divisive figure so he's really disliked by the forty eight percent who feel he flip flopped and then eventually in their view came down on the wrong side i remember talking to lynton crosby about him once and he described him as a multi grain politician and a white bread era so he's interesting he's colorful he's entertaining but he's gone from being that sort of heineken politician to a very sort of divisive figure in a way he wasn't before the brexit referendum he wants to be a divisive figure has one of his weaknesses is that he wants to be liked and i think he could extend an olive branch to you rachel he would i think he entirely appreciates an audience of one of the convincing things about mostly found it very difficult to make up his mind on europe he wasn't he hasn't been believed it wasn't sort of stern on bending follow up the point is not how he wants to be seen but he is actually seeing how that might have shifted since the referendum well i think there will be a stop boris campaign and justice heseltine was stopped by found on the whole less interesting figure to lead them very lightly the same will happen next time but but i mean also in terms of public perception there yet this very interesting politician that people want to listen to you know in in the last few years there the with comments about business once we can repeat on the on the radio that some of the gloss might have come off him in that in that period what he won twice in two thousand eight hundred thousand twelve that some time ago but i don't i think i think his shares are now undervalued i think because the seriousminded people simply finding stylistically intolerable they don't realize that actually the wider public don't don't pay much attention to the detail of these things and they like someone who can actually bring a smile to their faces and actually has the courage to say things let's go back rachel to to to the tory mp's the ones who would have the first go at at at selecting a future leader how how will this how might this change their views.

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