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Personally, a politically. What is today mean? From your perspective today means that for the first time Robert Muller is pointing to probably the president as colluding with Russia in releasing those stolen documents. Roger stone is clearly named as the intermediary the conduit between Russia WikiLeaks and the Trump campaign, and it casts in very dangerous context the president. But also his son Donald Trump junior who came before a committee where I served judiciary committee and made some statements that are very very seriously in doubt as to their fullness. Now after some of what is in this indict, you think that the president's son John junior because of his testimony before the. History committee, then chaired at the time by cheer Grassley that that he made false statements. So that committee he has some explaining to do, and I think is truthfully. Very seriously in doubt as to some of the statements that he made about the Trump Tower meeting his father's knowledge of it. And about the statements also involving the WikiLeaks release of these documents and some of them are in this Roger stone indictment, but he needs to be called back to the judiciary committee. I've asked the new chairman Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina to do. So if necessary by subpoena, I think it should be done. Alright Senator Richard Blumenthal. Thank you for being with me tonight coming up between the shutdown cave and the indictment of long time. Confidante just how politically damaged the president after today next. He'll caught y'all off Obama solicitor general on what the stone indictment means Donald Trump..

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