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Frank with you on Saturday night in Philadelphia Goodwin for the Phillies. We'll do the final out and break it all down for you, and we'll take your Phillies calls for the next little period of time half an hour. So at eight seven to nine ninety four ninety four we'll start out all Phillies here on the final out in game. Wrapup brought to you by acme and really it was the seventh inning was the was the key to this game. And the bullpen came up big. I thought I thought gave stuck with our Nola one batter too long, but it ended up working out. We'll go through that seventh inning Phillies take the to nothing lead. Get a run in the I get a run in the in the third Bryce Harper just clobbered. A home run in the in the first inning to make it one nothing. Solo shot his eighth couple of good days for Bryce hop, Harper the last couple of days head that to double yesterday. Had a couple of hits today, Bryce Harper is not been hitting. He's he's had stretches like this every year of his career. So you know you don't you don't get too upset about it. He's hit the ball better the last couple of days. Today was his first to hit game since may seventh there's actually only a second to hit game since April nineteenth. Can you believe that it's only had one to hit game until today? Cynthia five had game against the Rockies on April nineteenth. So his average during that spans route from two ninety six to two twenty two. Still seven ninety three it needs to be higher. I think it will be higher. He shows some signs the last couple of days, and he certainly crushed that, that home run to center field in the first inning to make it a one nothing game Phillies, make it to nothing in the third on wild pitch by Tonio Tele and it stayed that way until the seventh Nola was just dealing was the era. Nola of it was vintage era. Nola. He struck out the side in the first struck out. Twelve in six innings. The problem with that many strikeouts is, it's a lot of pitches as a lot of pitches. He was right around one hundred going into the seventh. And the question is how long do you go with him? He's your AC's your bell cow. You'd like to seem stretch out, but still relatively early in the season, the quarter pole and he clearly didn't have anything left opening up the seventh Tony Walters. Triples, crushes it. And then Ryan McMahon comes hits for the pitcher done and gave sticks with Aaron Nola. And I thought he was guest at that point, it was getting behind guys. He clearly didn't have that bite on his pitches that he had the first six innings, but he stuck with them. I thought one batter too long McMahon doubles to write while their scores makes the two one games. He got man on second. Nobody tiny on second and our thinking. Well, there goes, our Knowle's win. He's, you know that guy scores on second. He doesn't get the wind. He's no longer the pitcher record. Adam Morgan comes in and Charlie Blackmon hits a little comebacker. And I thought Adam Morgan made a bad mistake. You never looked running back to second in an a one run game with nobody out that could have been a very serious mistake because the runner ended up McMahon going to third. So now you have one out men on third. So Morgan got the out that. He needed he retired Blackman, but now you have one out and a runner on third Sarangani comes in, and he thought sure how they got out of the inning. But they did story against the bad base running here story hits a sharp grounder to third and McMahon comes home on, he's running on contact. He's out by what ten feet kinda funky didn't even slide he kind of tried to twist around real Muto and, and he was out. He was dead to rights his up by ten feet. So now you have story on first and two hours. But now David doll singles story goes to second are not a walks of the basis loaded and Sarangani clearly struggling out there. Nowhere to put Daniel Murphy. But he hits the ground ball to short and on a to count gets thrown out, and somehow Phillies are out of the inning. And from there on smooth sailing. Thought Hector Narus looked really sharp pitched, two innings got his first career to any safe centrestage, the Phillies have only had now eight to inning saves two innings or longer in a year and a quarter under Gabe gave his, not a fan of the two but and there's a very low pitch count in that in the eighth. He looked like he was in control. He was in command, and he pitched a very quiet clean dinning six up six down. His first career two inning. Save. It's only the second this year, I cough, you member first week of the season. The Phillies were up big over the Mets. It was fourteen to three game. And I believe it was Pavetti was the starter for the Phillies. He went five and had a pretty high pitch count us over a hundred five innings I cough came in for the six ended up just finishing the game pitched for any. So I got a foreign save back in April. Against the Mets. But those are the only two two winning or more saves by Phillies pitchers this year. Sarangani had three last year. Jake Thompson had one Victoriano had one. Tommy hunter had one so seventh to save or longer in the last year and a half. Those didn't have any in two thousand seventeen just had one in two thousand sixteen and they've actually this is kind of crazy. Since ride mats, and had a couple of two thousand nine the Phillies have only had eleven to any saves since two thousand ten this whole decade. And it's called into baseball reference dot com. It doesn't seem possible, but that is actually the case. So the Phillies bets still not really doing a whole lot of damage. They get the two runs. They win the series regardless what happens tomorrow. Look for the sweep, but good to see Bryce Harper hitting we'll get into some of the guys aren't hitting Reese Hoskins did have a hit today. But he's really scuffling. Six fifty. You know, you look at the lineup and other than Hernandez and, and cigarettes, great really hitting the ball. Well, nobody else hitting to over two seventy on this team. And that's.

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