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The Guardian reporter that she spent the summer on her own at home in London, reading poetry out loud and watching films. Any in the Guardian asked all of it alone, and she said no, no common and she said I couldn't confessed to breaking laws, you know? How you know So anyway, And the fact that you know people are saying Yeah, he basically said, Oh, yeah, I have feelings for Maybe he's been in love with others that you was 21. Apparently, Dominic West spends half the year being a doting husband and father. Okay? And then half the year family filming and just being gone chasing Okay, women. And having affairs because there what happens on the film set is on stays on the film sets like Vegas that way. You know, Don't you think there's a code of silence on those film sets for the most pro? They were hot bed of gossip. I mean, builders, insider stuff. What happens, But they're working. They don't want to be, you know, like, go from their jobs. Wait, that that I mean, I always feel like Hollywood is causing the below the line people. They know everything that's going on the hair. The make of the catering. I think they do. Don't they know everything? His people just kind of forget that they're there and They don't realize how much those trailers that likes our camp. You forget everything. You go away. There's no way I don't want to say anything. They don't want to lose their right. Right. Everyone knows that those trailers that what's his name from Carol Burnett, the guy, the tall guy who just died Arima, Carmen No. The other one. Wagner always Wagner. He's got the star wagons that are yes, everyone uses, um on the lots of TV and movies. Those those star wagons have a bit of a bounce. Okay, minus the Fleet Street world, according to man Know if it's really you know. Of somebody's vigorous Listen, T Yu. I think they've worked on the suspension since the early days. Laurie Julia, do you think they just still give it a good up and down? A bone and so to speak. Yeah, no, Just think about like standing You know, I honestly do you hear what she's saying? Walls counters? Yeah, there's aways for, you know, thrust happen and the sterile quest into suspended reality for four months at a time. This is beautiful costar. What? The hack that hard It will be interesting. I'm sure the producers of this movie the pursuit of Love's during Dominic West and Lily James. They're like maybe even glad the pandemic is going on, because they're hoping everyone will forget about it when they have to go and promote this movie because the irony of the pursuit of love, and then they were pursued in Rome, and they did the photo shoot, and they're having an affair and It's just all Hollywood. So Hollywood. It's also how you and Lilly, you know, she played such a delightful character her She wasn't on that afternoon down Abby, but member he played like somebody's niece. The only needs we haven't even seen that movie. Don't have no, that's delightful. I worked on the puzzle. They gave us a puzzle. Um, 1000 piece puzzle, and it's the other characters in front of the doubting everything that it's all black and dark. And I, for some reason, lost the cover of the box. That was all I get it? Yeah, I lost it somewhere, and I keep you know I have a puzzle Keeper thing. Rocco. It's like a ah cardboard thing that folds and folds and stuff and you shove it under a couch or a table or something. But I just finally gave up on it. And I wish I went off. Yeah, I'm gonna look a puzzle keeper and star wagons. No, these are keepers are great things to have because it's getting close to puzzle season. You know the indoor darkness. You need a really good light, especially if Lori gives you the puzzle. Starry, starry night, which took me the first two or three months of covert to do because every color blue looks the exact same in the grey skies to realize I don't know you're a puzzle person. Me that's massive. Although I've been otherwise entertained lately. Yeah, good. You even had to resort I have had to resort to my puzzles. It's good. Just going back one second toe that please, cos Well, I was I was even thinking we've never seen anything as odd is that press release their press conference. And letter coming outside the day after these explosive photos when he dosed with his way with his wife when he was caught scooter handed, and I remember you, and I think he how could anyone be so gullible is to believe any story cruel. To make their wife do that? Yeah. Two days after he was having this. These this dalliance in Rome. There's no alibi creative enough to Splain that spleen that away. Did something shady wasn't going on. You know, in shady was why were you never lean Her ear at a cafe always was whispering to her was so loud and I mean, you know, it's just It's You know, why was your hand on her? That was just her like something dropped on her lap. I didn't have the wind blew. Then you know, why did she have a hippie? Oh, because she got stuck in her scarf when it pulled tightly. Why was your hand on her breast? Oh, my gosh, that I don't know. That was a camel camera angle. Totally on the feds, Right? Okay, Listen, we come back. What are we going to talk about? Oh, yeah, we've got we got a little music news and we've got maybe knows you didn't need to know. Nothing but good times getting up with Jason and Alexis. So here it is unedited, the raw recording session of radios down a valentine.

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