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And what takes place here. Is we have a fan louisiana sicilian arch and they decide to go to sicily for vacation as none of them have ever been back for three generations although they kept in correspondence and are two guys who happened to be between wives and girlfriends at the moment a mother a father a sister and a gay hairdresser uncle and they take off the system and wets alive. The two guys discover that are related to some of the most powerful mafia families in italy. And not only that when they arrive on monday. They are told on the be marriage. The two women they never even heard of on. Friday are non will leave the island ally. Oh and they're added complications from a mauve in naples who undetermined at. This wedding is not going to happen. It's i had to kill everybody all the island to do it and i try so. That's a lot of the island and we also throw in. Oh an irish for eastern Gangs with claw and many other interesting in. Coal fell on their endeavors. Clearly have a wonderful mind up to tap into that a little more as we go through the co. Hove but four. Now when we wind time we go back to the time when we were younger and growing out. What what is something that you remember that you have really fun memories about just one thing right out of high school. My mother and i took a trip and this including the western states and when he visited tiny carlsbad caverns and went not to colorado and so the mountains and so on and that was a wonderful memorable trip. That i will always remember. yes absolutely. I mean it's it's oftentimes the most simplest things that we do that we have just those flashes of memory. Don't we do you think that any of your life's experience has contributed to any of the books that you've written being a source of inspiration. Oh of course of omar even business book make your own job are. I've held some seventeen different jobs professions in my life as being a professional geologist military combat engineer officer and i done stand up comedy. I wound done. Professional journalism vote for use by occurs. Been thousands of magazine articles and and my geology. I lived and hunted all over the country. Admitted great raj if people and many of these are actually why more or less as characters in novel and my experiences I write about in my outdoor times my aunts and last gun elsewhere Didn't ever make it down to australia though. That was a step too far. It's just it's a little bit of way across the that's for sure and said now. I know that you have multiple degrees. I wonder maybe not so much anymore. But how important do you think it is for for somebody coming through the ranks. How important is it for them to study and have a i. Guess a mentality towards ongoing learning Up thing i recognized very early who was unabashed degree in geology and was not going to get me anywhere. Bombs going to practice professionally. I needed at least say. Master's degree and i wanted to get it as far away from where. I got my bachelor's possible and almost made it I got my bachelor's in university georgia and my master in universe of laskar well. I'm just wanting to just quickly quickly step back from moment..

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