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Her voice drips with drama. The monitor is avoiding spoilers. This story was reported by Sarah matuszek in Boise, Idaho, for the monitor. Now, commentary from the monitors editorial board on why Ukraine serves as an inspiration to Taiwan. The biggest surprise of the war in Ukraine has been the fierce resolve of Ukrainians to defend their national identity. Their civic solidarity rooted in democratic ideals, not only helped them win the battle for the capital of Kyiv, but also odd the west into sending major weapons for the battles to come. Their unity around shared values has been the unseen armor against aggression by Russia. This lesson in resilience may mean the most to another small country, Taiwan. It faces the threat of invasion from a much larger neighbor, China that asserts a dubious claim to rule the independent island. Many Taiwanese now ask if they would put up a heroic resistance during the early days of a Chinese assault to buy time and wind military support from the United States and others. One sign of Taiwan's new unity is a plan to lengthen the time for active military service from four months to one year. A move widely supported in a poll. Other possible moves include expanding conscription to women. And boosting training for the country's 1.5 million military reservists. Ukraine's lessons and civic cohesion are finding followers in Taiwan..

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