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, search miter. 7 O 8. Michael and sons peting tune up for only $69. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's rich hunter. All right, traveling into the district northbound three 95 heavy and slow across the 14th street bridge continuing over towards southwest, but no incidents as of late reported in your way. Again, very heavy in northwest in the area of Mount Vernon square in the convention center, even though the summit is officially over, there's still a lot of bailout traffic on a cage trade in Pennsylvania avenue, they're much heavier than usual, especially folks headed west toward Washington circle and headed west toward the whitehurst freeway, picking up a lot of extra volume there due to some closures and restrictions on Elle street, so be aware is very slow there. If you're traveling on D.C. two 95, as of late better on both north and south headed into town, I two 95 also in good shape as of late, that way pretty much cleared out through Maryland and Virginia, the one hiccup is the crash cleaned up in a loop just after van dorn street as you had south of Alexandria towards Springfield, they were still along the left side as a result, delays begin before eyes now avenue headed south on the inner loop. 95 in Virginia among usually heavy delays Nord found coming north of Dale City headed toward one 23, previous vehicle fires been gone for a while, but again, delays remain, cleaning up the crash over in dumfries north on two 34 at sprigs road. That was along the left side, and in manassas Liberia avenue, north on its signal home road, crashed there along the right side of the roadway, rich hunter WTO traffic, storm team four, four day forecast now with Amelia Draper. We'll continue to impact the area when it's all said and done. We'll pick up close to two inches of rain from the storm system today

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